The Best Boating Accessories for 2018

Find the best boating accessories for your vessel This year’s boating season is upon us, which means you really need to be thinking about what boating accessories you need and want to optimize your time on the water. Boat accessories ramp up the fun and comfort you can enjoy on your boat.  Some boat accessories […]

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A greenblocked wrasse or surge wrasse

Fishing Roundup: Meet the founder of Hashtag and Release

Meet Jay Barker, fishing and adventure guide on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific Ocean, and read his advice in getting started fishing or for those already looking for the next big catch. What advice would you give to somebody who wants to fish more but isn’t sure what kind of equipment to get or […]

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Sailboat Hull sailing on the water

4 Ways to Avoid Damage and Decay to your Hull

It doesn’t matter how nice your ship is and what latest and greatest technology that you have outfitted it with, everything comes down to the hull. It is your separation from enjoying a day out on the ocean and be submerged in it! They are also the most expensive part of a ship. So avoid […]

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Luxury boat speeding by the coast of Ibiza

Boat Right up: 5 Incredible Beachfront Bars in Ibiza

You don’t go to Ibiza to enjoy some roads and highways. It’s about the oceans, the beaches, the sun and the sand. That’s why it is one of Europe’s top vacation getaways. You go there to kick back and forget your troubles and possibly get into a few new ones. Ibiza is best to enjoy […]

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Chicago River during St. Patrick's Day

5 Places to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the Water

St. Patrick’s Day tops the list of many people’s favorite holidays. There’s no gift-giving, no stress, just good times to be had by all. It’s a celebration of Irish culture that has been beloved for hundreds of years. Whether you are live in a small town or New York City, you are sure to wear […]

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