Summer Vibes: Influencers on the Water with Boatsetter

This summer ushered in unforeseen circumstances we could have never imagined and brought new challenges, yet a sense of belonging on the water. This season, we continued on our mission to provide easy and accessible boating experiences, while offering a safe way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. In fact, we had several […]

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Boating with Kids

Activities on the Water for the Little Ones

Safe Things to Do While on Your Boat Charter   Lots of people enjoy taking charter yacht vacations as forms of summer activities for kids. It is a good idea to expose children to water early in their lives so that they can grow up with a healthy respect for the potential dangers of the […]

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sailing terms

20 Terms Every Future Sailor Should Know

Live Your Sailing Adventure on the Water with a Boatsetter Sailing Boat Rental   As an aspiring sailor, you should be aware that the sport of sailing has its own whole vocabulary. Like lots of sports, there are certain terms that you simply need to know to be an effective sailor. By studying the jargon […]

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sailing adventure

5 Incredible Sailboat Excursions You’re Missing Out On

If you are thinking of embarking on a sailing boat rental, there are so many factors you will want to consider. For example, especially if you intend to visit small inlets and coves on your sailing boat hire, you’ll need to think about the size and type of boat that you might want to rent. […]

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must visit caribbean islands

7 Top Caribbean Destinations You Need to Visit

So, you want to travel to the Caribbean? No wonder, because its warm weather and tropical beauty make this collection of islands, undoubtedly, one of the best locations you could pick for a vacation. Whether you prefer to sail alone or with your crew on your Caribbean yacht charter, these islands have all that you […]

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