make money on your boat

You Can Be Making Easy Money Off of Your Boat

Explore Some of Your Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Options Through Boatsetter If you are a boat owner, you probably know that your boat is an incredibly fun thing to have but the maintenance and storage costs can also get pretty expensive, especially if you live in a place where you can’t use your boat for long […]

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fishing facts

10 Facts About Fishing Most People Don’t Know

Fishing is a really relaxing and enjoyable sport, where you get to spend lots of time out on the water in the fresh air on your fishing boat rental. Fishing can be as simple as throwing a line in the water and waiting for a bite, but like any hobby, there are ways to make […]

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pontoon buyers guide

Pontoon Boats: Is it Worth the Purchase?

Try Before You Buy When You Rent a Pontoon A pontoon boat is a flatboat that uses pontoons (or tubes) to float. Pontoon boat heights can be as shallow as eight inches, which reduces the risk of running the boat aground and causing underwater damage. When you rent a pontoon boat through Boatsetter, it is […]

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Ibiza Boat Party

Get Your Party Started with Boatsetter!

Book a Cruising Boat Charter Today! Are you ready to party like Leonardo di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street? When you’re on a megayacht in the middle of the ocean, you can live out all of your fantasies on the water. We’re here to show you how to book a cruising boat charter. […]

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fishing in the fall

Fall is Nearing, Here are the Fish You Should be Catching

Some Fish to Catch When You Get a Fishing Boat Rental When fall arrives, a lot of boaters start winterizing their vessels and putting away their fishing equipment, especially if they own a saltwater fishing boat. This means they are missing out on some of the best fishing there is! After the long, hot summer […]

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