Boat barbecue this Memorial Day weekend? Meet Marine BBQ’s

Spice up your Memorial Day Weekend with a Boat Barbecue It seems like common sense. Boats are great. Barbecues are great. Why not put them together? No matter where you go, whether you are looking to grill up some fresh fish or some burgers and hot dogs, adding a marine barbecue to your boat is […]

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How To Host The Perfect Memorial Service on a Boat

Planning a funeral and memorial service is never an enjoyable time and many people do not get too excited about it. Hosting a memorial service on the water can add a touch of brightness to an otherwise somber and sad situation. There is no better way to celebrate one’s life than to hold their memorial […]

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San Francisco: The 5 Must-Sees by Boat

With a San Francisco boat rental, even the closest destinations feel like you are on vacation, that is the beauty of San Francisco.  With a boat rental in this city, you are bound to see breathtaking vistas, natural beauty, and the world renowned San Francisco Bay. There are a host of things to do once […]

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Insider Tips on Boat Sharing

By now, you’ve surely heard the buzz about boat sharing. The boating industry is yet another area that sharing economy has found a home and it’s booming! The beauty of boat sharing is that it is a win-win-win. It allows boaters to experience boating without the pressures of ownership, boat owners to stay in the […]

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The Best Boating Accessories for 2018

Find the best boating accessories for your vessel This year’s boating season is upon us, which means you really need to be thinking about what boating accessories you need and want to optimize your time on the water. Boat accessories ramp up the fun and comfort you can enjoy on your boat.  Some boat accessories […]

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Can Boats be Stored in Freshwater and Saltwater?

So you have just purchased a shiny new boat. Now the question is: where are you going to store it? The general guideline is that when your boat is not in use, you will want to keep it out out the water and covered ideally in some sort of storage facility. This will help maximize […]

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