6 Things to Do for your Boating Bucket List


There is nothing better than grabbing a boat and cruising the open seas. Whether you are a frequent sailor or head out just a couple times a year, there are some essentials that you must do. So be sure to scratch each one of these things off your boating bucket list.

1. Wine Tasting on a Boat

Who doesn’t enjoy a wine-tasting? Who doesn’t love boats? So this is just a match made in heaven. A wine tasting on a boat gives you the opportunity to experience all the pleasures of wine in a wonderful location. And if you host your own then you get to choose wherever that is.

2. Holiday on a boat

The holidays are an amazing time, but they are often the busiest. Whether it’s Christmas or New Years or the fourth of July, everybody hits the roads and traffic can be such a nightmare. So hit the sea instead and create your own holiday experience without any stress.

3. Fishing trip on a boat

You don’t even have to be a fisherman to be into this idea. Nothing beats a family/friends fishing trip. Catch some of the biggest game and then have your own sunset party. Now that’s a great time!

4. Learn to sail

There’s a big difference between driving a motorboat and sailing. Sailing remains such a popular activity because it connects us with our ancient roots and is a totally unique experience. We harness the power of winds and slide through the waters whisper quiet.

5. Go Whale Watching

Whales are some of the most majestic animals on the planet. They are truly incredible, and it’s one thing to see them in an aquarium and something totally different to see them in their natural environment. Watch them dive, flip and truly enjoy this special show.

6. Valentine’s Day Getaway

There’s nothing more romantic than a little Valentine’s Day Getaway. The sea is naturally such a lovely place to do just that. It gives you the opportunity to get out there and explore. It’s also a great excuse to escape Old Man Winter for a while and experience some warmer weather.

What’s on Your Boating Bucket List?

These top six activities are just the beginning. There are so many fantastic things that can be done on a boat. That’s the best thing about it; you can just charter one and see where your imagination takes you.


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