8 Signs You’re Meant to be on the Water

Let’s just face it, there are land people and sea people. If you are reading this, you are most likely an aquatic adventure, but let’s see how many of these signs line up with you! 1) You Own More Fishing Rods than Pairs of Tennis Shoes A question you never ask a true fisherman is, “don’t you have enough fishing rods?” Each rod has a particular use as well as all the bait and tackle that goes along with it. If you own at least three different rods than you are definitely meant to be out on the sea. 2) When You Don’t See the Joke in the Expression “Life’s a Beach” Of course, everyone knows what that saying really is. But if instead of thinking about the joke, you are picture the sand and the sound of the ocean crashing against the shore, then maybe you better throw a life jacket on! 3) Putting Your Car on a Ferry Has Been the Highlight of Any Vacation Granted there are some ferries that take some pretty nice routes. But if you just love that ferry ride across the bay, particularly if you are a daily commuter. Then maybe it’s time to trade in that set of wheels for a motorboat. 4) After Seeing Gilligan’s Island, You Want to Go on Cruise It was supposed to be a three-hour tour! Gilligan’s Island's will forever be one of the most memorable tv shows in history. But if you think life on the island looks fun and you could happily jump in the water even after one of their many misadventures, then you are sure to be a sea-lover. 5) You are anywhere near water when the weather is under 45 degrees Even on warm days, it can get chilly down by the ocean. If you are happy to stroll along the beach or take your boat out on a cruise while it’s that nippy, then you certainly know where your happiest place is. 6) You Only Want People to Call You Captain Even people who served in the armed forces, rarely want to be addressed by the title, retired or otherwise. But if you are always donning a captain’s hat, calling everybody “matie” and only answering to the name “captain” then that’s a sure sign! 7) You Have More Life Jackets than Regular Jackets Depending on where you live, the average person may have 3-4 jackets, if you have more lifejackets than that (and you don’t even own a boat!) then you definitely are meant out on the sea. 8) Your Boat Shoes are not Sperry’s, but Boots Sperry’s are great shoes. But let’s be honest, we get a little afraid of actually getting them wet in the elements. If you are more comfortable in galoshes and are ready for buckets of seawater to splash around in topside, and maybe a long, yellow rain slicker, then you definitely should be on the water. For True Water Lovers Everybody loves the sea, but if you checked yes to more than five of these then you are definitely meant to charter a boat and cast off into the great open waters! Since you are a true water lover, then check out these tips on how to become a 5-star captain


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