Yacht Charters Made Affordable Through Boatsetter

When it comes to luxury on the water there is nothing more spectacular than renting your own yacht. And I know what you’re thinking. A yacht? Isn’t that like millions of dollars? Well…not always. You see, renting a yacht is a bit like renting an entire villa that you can take on the water. So, these luxury boats aren’t just for celebrities after all. While yacht rentals and purchasing yachts can definitely be quite expensive, with Boatsetter these costs can be reduced to the point where almost everyone can rent a yacht at least once in their lifetime.

Yachts aren’t just for the rich and famous

Yes, yachts can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars just to rent for a weekend getaway but with a Boatsetter yacht rental, you can rent a yacht in an epic city like Miami for just $1,000.00. The best part is, these boats are massive. Absolutely massive. So you can easily bring over twenty-five people for the ride. And with the sharing economy booming right in front of this the cost of renting a yacht can also be offset by splitting the costs of renting one with your friends.

They can be rented as well

Once you’ve boarded your luxury yacht, there are possibilities are seemingly endless. You can cruise the sea or ocean in style while enjoying some of the best aquatic life you can imagine. After all, yachts aren’t just any boat. With a yacht, you can host everything from company parties and retreats to the most epic bachelor party on the ocean blue. You can hop enjoy some fine dining and champagne in the evening and set off on one of the yachts jet skis for some water action in the day.

Or…they can be bought

And if you’re one of those ambitious souls that are looking to actually buy a yacht, we got you covered there too. With a Boatsetter yacht rental, you can test drive each yacht before buying it. This way you can see if the comfort and smooth sailing meet your standards. You can even look under the hood and meet with the owner to get a better understanding of the boat that can and most likely will be yours. You can even offset the costs of purchasing the yacht, especially if it’s not fresh out of the factory.

Because everyone deserves to experience the splendor of a yacht

You see yachts aren’t just for the wealthy and the faint at heart. At Boatsetter, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to sail aboard one of these remarkable creations. Whether you’re just looking for information on how much it cost to charter a yacht, how much a yacht cost, or how much it cost to rent a yacht we are here for you every step of the way. At the end of the day, the perfect yacht should surpass you and your crews’ expectations and deliver only the finest on-water experience a boat has to offer. So, don’t let that 50 million dollar price tag fool you. Renters and buyers alike can rest assured that the perfect yacht is always near and affordable for friends and families alike.


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