Angler’s Playbook: Fishing for Tuna

Do you like challenges? Are you ready to experience adventurous fishing moments? Tuna fishing might be just right for you. You are in a boat enjoying a lovely trip, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. What’s not to love? Everything is perfect until you hear somebody shouting.. It's a tuna! It's a tuna! And the adventure begins. A calm boating trip can easily turn into an unforgettable adventure, especially if you have a big tuna on the hook! If you like fishing for tuna, you are ready to experience what’s also known as big game fishing. However, fighting and landing a 400-pound tuna is not an easy thing. We hope the following tips will help you in your quest to find the elusive trophy tuna.

A few words about Tuna

First of all, it should be better to learn some further information about these beautiful and strong fish. Tuna are not only really tough, but they are extremely fast as they can swim up to 45mph. They are also known as the giants of the ocean. The most popular tuna species are yellowfin and bluefin tuna. The word tuna derives from the ancient Greek word «thino» which means «urge».

Fishing for Tuna with the Best Technique and Bait

Tuna are caught by longlining, jigging and purse seine fishing. However, the most common domain of tuna fishing is trolling of course. Many lures are effective but we recommend big size top water lures. Tuna tend to approach the top water column and that's why topwater lures like poppers work. The lure will run good to 6-7 knots which is the best speed if you want to give the lure a good action. Their eyesight is really developed, so you have to choose your lures wisely. Other lures are plugs, feathers, leaders and lipless lures. Moreover, you should take into consideration that live bait works better than artificial lures. You can use sardines and other small fish in order to attract them. Live bait is closer to their natural environment. Rig the live bait properly in order to get a great action underwater. How to rig a squid: [embed][/embed]

Tuna Fishing Tackle

The trolling rod should definitely be 30-50lbs. attached on a multiplier reel. You should load the reel with Spectra or Dacron braided line 50lbs. If you are going to pursue tuna by jigging, we definitely recommend a 30lbs. jigging rod and a 7000-10000 spinning reel.

Tuna Fishing Spots

Tuna are fish that move constantly in order to forage for food. You can use a fish finder to spot some good locations. Reefs and shipwrecks are places which hold small prey fish which tuna feed on. Birds are also a good sign. However, if you ask your captain, they will definitely give you some further information.

Let's go fishing!

Big game fishing has increased in popularity during the last ten years. Undoubtedly, tuna is the most common big game fish because its strength surprises even the most avid fisherman. After a fishing trip, you will remember every strike. Rent a boat, grab your fishing tackle and the adventure begins. Thank you for reading and stay tuned! We at Boatsetter love fishing and know you too.


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