Angler’s Playbook: Florida Sailfish Tips

Hello Anglers,

Undoubtedly, many of you will agree that fishing and boating are the greatest water activities. The suspense, the action and the satisfaction when you finally hold your catch in your hands cannot be described with words. Every catch, every smile and every moment can transform your life. However, there are millions of fish species all around the world, and they have some special characteristics; consequently, we have to use different fishing techniques. All we fishermen who have come face to face with a trophy sailfish will remember this experience forever. Fishing for sailfish brings back memories and it is popular amongst the fishing community. Florida is one of the top sailfish fishing destinations and below you will find out why. Since you are reading the article, you are probably interested in learning new and useful sailfish fishing tricks. Here at Boatsetter, you will definitely find unique tips and discover clever solutions to combine boating and fishing, your favorite hobbies. Rent a boat, explore the world and catch a trophy sailfish! Sounds great? Keep reading if you want to learn the secrets of the sailfish fishing world. We promise that our Florida sailfish tips derive from avid anglers.

Why Florida?

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You might wonder why we mentioned specifically Florida: sunny Florida is one of the best recreational fishing destinations. There's access to the Gulf of Mexico which is the best location for sailfish fishing during summer. This place offers ample fishing choices because there are various water structures. The sunshine State will definitely not disappoint you!

Appropriate Fishing Tackle and Gear

Finally, when you set your dates for your unforgettable fishing and boating adventure you have only one thing to do: choose the right fishing tackle. A really good boat, a lovely captain, effective fishing gear and good mood are the keys to success.
  • Fishing Rod: It goes without saying that you will need durable tackle as you will have to fight with a really strong fish. A 40 pound trolling rod is exactly what you need-find some here to get started with sailfishing. You will have to pay attention at the guides-only roller guides are able to withstand the pressure.
  • Fishing Reel: What is a rod without a reel? Nothing of course. If you search the market you will see that the choices are endless. However, our recommendation is to pair the rod with a multiplier reel size 6000-9000. The reel should have double brakes. Find a great review of fishing lines as well here.
The drag system will definitely play a decisive role. You can fill the reel with monofilament or braided line (50 lbs.).

Effective Fishing Techniques and Best Spots

Trolling with live or dead bait is the most effective technique. Many people also try drifting. As far as the fishing spots are concerned, sailfish do not stay in a specific spot. Their feeding habits are really weird and you have to take some other factors into consideration. Look on the water surface and if you spot many birds in a specific place it is a good sign that there is something big! Furthermore, the best solution is to ask your captain, he definitely knows some good places which hold sailfish. Don't forget to check out state regulations for fishing in Florida too. Boatsetter Tip: Patience is the key to success. Sailfish cannot be found immediately. They live in shoals and move constantly. You may spend hours in order to find them, but you will not regret it! If you follow our Florida Sailfish tips there is no doubt that the next record catch will be yours.

Set Sail and Conquer the world of Sailfish Fishing

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