Making a Splash in Austin, Texas

When it comes to Texas, locals and visitors alike prefer to do things on the next level. As they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” That means bigger boats, bigger parties, and bigger lakes to enjoy a nice summer day out on the water. Known as being the capital city of Texas and home to everything from the Austin City Limits Music Festival to the Austin Film Festival, this beautiful Texas capital is filled with a bucket list of things to do for the entire crew. With nearby lakes such as Lake Austin and Lake Travis, there’s never been a better time to get out on the water with an Austin boat rental than now.

Rent a fishing boat and head out to Lake Austin

Located on the Colorado River and fed by the overflow of nearby Lake Travis, Lake Austin is a great destination for those looking to escape the city and get some fishing in. Over the years the community has made an effort to stock the lake with several different species of fish so that the reservoir’s quality for recreational fishing will be improved. Today you can fish for everything from largemouth bass, catfish, and sunfish. At 75-feet deep with over 1,500 acres of water, there’s room for every boater at Lake Austin and then some more! You can even enjoy the view of Austin from the water, which is especially beautiful during sunset from your Lake Austin boat rental.

Enjoy a nice siesta on the boat near Pennypacker Bridge

Stretching across Lake Austin and known as “The Capital of Texas Highway,” this bridge is truly a sight to behold. And since we all know that fish love bridges, this is the perfect place to cruise on over to with your Austin speed boat rental if you’re looking to unleash the angler inside of you. The bridge itself, built in 1982 has a history of its own and oversees more than 48,000 cars passing over it daily. You can anchor up and cast your line into the water or you can sit back on the boat and relax while soaking up that endless Texas sun. Just don’t forget to pack some sandwiches and some cold beverages because this is the perfect place for a mid-afternoon picnic.

Cruise on over to Lake Travis

Stretching out across the Colorado River lies Lake Travis, one of the best weekend getaways in the state of Texas. As part of the Texas Highland Lakes, Lake Travis holds more water than any of the other five main reservoirs in the state, making it the perfect place to hit the water with a Lake Travis boat rental. From fishing for Largemouth bass and Striped bass to cruising down the lake in speedboat rental, there are endless opportunities abound at this Texas getaway for the entire crew. To make the most of your Lake Travis adventure, we’ve compiled a guide to get you on your way so you can enjoy all that this beautiful lake has to offer.


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