Boat Barbecue this Memorial Day weekend? Meet Marine BBQ’s!

Spice up your Memorial Day Weekend with a Boat Barbecue

It seems like common sense. Boats are great. Barbecues are great. Why not put them together? No matter where you go, whether you are looking to grill up some fresh fish or some burgers and hot dogs, adding a marine barbecue to your boat is a great way to enhance your boating experience.  Marine barbecues have come a long way since their inception and you now have a variety of options. We are going to give some tips on what to look for and some brand recommendations when considering a boat barbecue.

Gas, Electric, Coal

Just like your home bbq, you have the exact same options. Each boat barbecue has their own pros and cons. Generally, people have been shifting away from coal as windy conditions can make it rather difficult for you to evenly cook your food. This likewise can be true for gas to a smaller extent.

One of the best brands out there is Cookout, they offer a wide variety of gas and electric options that are well-suited for a variety needs. They use stainless steel burners so they can withstand some pretty serious weather conditions and most users can’t tell too much a difference between the gas and electric option.

Instead, the only difference is that you will need some kind of generator for the electric-powered, but you also would need gas for the other. So it is deciding which one is more of a trade off. If you plan on hosting a range of electric appliances on your ship, then going with the generator may not be a bad idea.


Most of us can agree, that the larger the grill, the better! But you really have to take into account your boat size. Most boat barbecues these days can actually be attached along one of the railings so that they do not take up additional space within the boat. But there is a disadvantage here. You may lose a valuable amount of space for where you would do some fishing as well as other storage options.

Marine Barbecues has four different sizes and can fit basically anything from a kayak to a megayacht. Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times where you cannot do a little trial and error. The best way for you to test is to bring along a Coleman Stove and get a feel for how the size works out on your boat.


Obviously if you have the money to by the largest, most expensive boat for your massive yacht, then go for it. But, in general, most boat barbecues should be within the $100-$300 price range. When you are shopping around, keep this as a general guideline. One of the top rated grill’s is Magma’s A 10-803 Connoisseur Series and it costs $234 so keep that in mind. It has foldable legs, easy to attach and easy to clean. These are the general features you are want to look for.

The Perfect Vacation

Whether you are just going for a three-day weekend or ready to hit the high seas, nothing beats the ability of being able to enjoy a few beers and grilling up some food. Now you are ready to find the perfect boat barbecue whether you are cooking for yourself or for twenty kids and family members!

After grilling up all that food, you are probably ready to cool down a bit. Before you jump back in the water, why not have a little ice cream social on board as the perfect summer treat!


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