The End of Summer is Approaching! Here’s 5 Must-Do Activities You Can’t Do In Fall

Enjoy the Warm Weather on a Boat Rental for a Little While Longer

All across the country, there are thousands of places to enjoy boat rentals on pretty lakes and rivers. From your Boatsetter boat rental, you can now try a whole bunch of different sports and other activities in the water. From an awesome New York boat rental in Manhattan Harbor to renting a boat in Puget Sound in Seattle, summer has always been the ideal time to travel all over the country and enjoy your time on a Boatsetter boat rental. Here are five really special activities that are best enjoyed while the weather is hot in summer.

Swimming in the Warm Water

One of the most obvious summer activities, swimming is one of the most enjoyable and therapeutic activities there is. Swimming gives your body the type of movement it needs to stay healthy, strong, and fit. It is easy to fit some swimming into your schedule on a Boatsetter boat rental, regardless of where you are setting sail. The best thing about swimming is that you can do it in almost any type of water, as long as it is warm! Make the most of the rest of the summer by checking out some of the lakes and rivers near where you live. Is there a place you’ve been meaning to visit all summer long but still haven’t quite gotten to? Well, now is your chance.

At Boatsetter, we have all had the amazing experience of a good long swim and then a delicious summer BBQ lunch or early dinner on the boat as the sun goes down. With a Boatsetter boat rental, you can easily bring towels and a change of clothes on board to change into after your refreshing swim.

Playing some Water Polo

While you’re out on your Boatsetter boat rental and doing your swimming, why not join up with a few buddies and get a game of water polo going? As a competitive sport, this is one of the most intense water sports there is, but you don’t need to take it quite so seriously. Simply buy a few water polo balls and tread water while tossing the balls around with your friends.

This is another excellent workout and it can also be really fun on a warm and sunny day. Much like swimming, water polo is the type of thing you can do in almost any type of water. Just brings some balls along on your boat rental and enjoy some water polo fun in the sun!

Enjoying Your New York Boat Rental

If you find yourself in New York, you can never run out of things to do. In summer especially, it is a great idea to cruise your New York boat rental down the Hudson River and enjoy all of the amazing scenery. You might want to try some stand-up paddleboarding to cool off in the hot weather. Although this is an activity that may require some initial practice, there are many benefits to it, like strengthening your core, increasing your balance, and most importantly, soaking up the sun.

After enjoying major some exertion on the Hudson, sail your New York boat rental over to Manhattan Harbor, located right at the mouth of the Hudson. Sail past all of the incredible sights of New York, like Freedom Tower, Governors Island, and Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy a glass or two of wine while being close to one of the biggest, most diverse cities in the world.

Enjoying Kayaking when You Rent a Boat in Seattle

Puget Sound in Seattle is the perfect place to enjoy some kayaking. The upper-body exercise you will get from this activity is hard to beat! While kayaking through Puget Sound, you’ll have a chance to reflect on your life and be one with the water while you glide through the clear water. Gaze across the sound at Seattle’s Green Lake walking trail, the incredible mountain views, and the attractive Seattle skyline. You might even spot a whale or two not too far from your kayak!

When you rent a boat in Seattle through Boatsetter, you’ll find that many of our boats already include water sports equipment like kayaks and paddles, as well as safety equipment like floating tubes and life jackets. Just be sure to check if your boat already has things like this to enjoy when you rent a boat in Seattle.

Water Skiing Your Way Across the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are geographically located somewhat in between Seattle and New York, so you might find them to be perfect for a bit of water skiing while cruising along in your Boatsetter boat rental. Water skiing is a sport that requires some practice as well, but once you manage to stand up and ski successfully, you’ll be hooked on the feeling of gliding through the water and leaping over the waves.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you might want to try out some of these more extreme water sports too. Jetskiing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding can all be excellent things to try while enjoying your Boatsetter boat rental on the Great Lakes like Lake Michigan, where you’ll see the tall buildings of Chicago towering above your boat rental. Or glide along Lake Huron and visit some of the amazing beaches like Hoeft State Park at Rogers City, a mile of sandy beaches and rolling dunes with a gorgeous forest backdrop. You can even try visiting Canada on your Boatsetter boat rental if you have enough time!

Loving the Summer for So Much Longer

Every summer offers so many opportunities to have some of the most memorable times of your life. Whether it is frolicking in the warm water and enjoying all kinds of activities, or whether it is traveling across the water in a boat rental and enjoying the wind in your hair, you’ll find that summer weather and warm water can be one of the best combinations around.

There are so many famous locations to choose from when you are planning your Boatsetter boat rental, but a New York boat rental and renting a boat in Seattle are two of the best places to start. Just spending a peaceful afternoon on one of America’s many clean and safe lakes can do you a world of good. If you want to secure a Boatsetter boat rental, make sure you act now before summer is over!

If you simply don’t have time to make the most of the rest of this summer, there is always next year. Spend some time checking out this incredible itinerary for your next summer vacation. Do you perhaps have enough time for an extended vacation? With Boatsetter, you can sail your boat rental almost anywhere in the world! Many of our boats come with a full crew on board, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the great weather.






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