8 Essentials For Your Upcoming Boat Rental

Are you considering a boat rental but have no idea what to bring along? Boating is one of those endeavors where you need to bring essentials but are often faced with limited space. So, if you're stumped by where to begin in terms of packing the essentials...this is the list you need! 

Let’s take a look at the top 8 boating essentials for your next time boat rental:

  1. Sunscreen: It’s important that to protect yourself from the sun's harmful UV rays. Putting adequate sunblock on will also prevent the likelihood of heatstroke and painful burns. Lather up, reapply and bring protective items such as hats, sunglasses and UV protective clothing!
  2. Water and snacks: When you are on a boat, it’s easy to forget to consume enough water, as the fun and excitement boast quite the distraction. Ensure that you and your guests drink lots of water to prevent dehydration which could cause dizziness. Make sure to pack lots of snacks as well, as keeping your metabolism and blood sugar up will ensure that you have adequate energy to enjoy all that your boat rental has in store for you.
  3. Towels and a spare outfit: Making towels and keeping them handy is a great way to stay dry while on the boat. Since boats tend to be slippery when wet, properly drying yourself off will ensure that nobody slips on the wet boat deck. Changing to a spare pair of dry clothes will prevent you from catching a cold and probably make you more comfortable too!
  4. Fishing gear: If you intend on doing some fishing during your day on the water, pack the appropriate fishing gear such as a fishing rod, tackle box, tackle, extra line, and several fishing lures.
  5. A solid plan: Navigating around the water can be tricky and overwhelming, especially when you are full of excitement to begin with. Having a solid plan will allow you to get the most out of your day on the water and will ensure that you get optimum boating fun.
  6. A GPS and depth finder: Having these two pieces of helpful technology will ensure that you don’t run aground if you’re navigating through shallow waters. A GPS will point you in the right direction if you feel as though you are lost or just want to make sure you are on the right track to where you want to be going.
  7. Extra anchor line: It’s always beneficial to have ample dock and anchor line on your boat. Having enough will make tying up at the dock easier as well as making joining other boaters and tying up to their boats, easier and more efficient.
  8. Camera: Of course! It’s important that you capture these special moments as you may not be on a boat too often. Looking back on some of the best memories and times with your friends is a great way to remember the fun you enjoyed together.
Get the most out of your time on the water. Being properly prepared for your adventure will not only create peace of mind, it also means that you are taking all of the safety precautions necessary in order to make your day an enjoyable one. Looking for the perfect boat rental? Boatsetter, the #1 boat rental community, is your choice for the a privately-owned boat and a perfect day out on the water! Boats from yachts to pontoons are available and can be rented with or without a captain. Just book your boat rental and start gathering up the essentials...it's that easy!


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