How to Take Your Best Boat Rental Selfie #YouLookFabulous

If we’ve learned anything from social media, it’s that selfies are mandatory! Gorgeous people posting one boat rental selfie after another? Well now, that’s a “thing.” And who says you can’t be like Beyonce and look fabulous while soaking up the sun on a mega yacht?

Welcome to your guide to the perfect boat rental selfie!

But first, maybe it should go without saying but, you’ll have to get out on the water. Whether you’re looking to set sail on a midsize boat rental, sailboat adventure or that Beyonce-style luxury yacht charter, Boatsetter has you covered with a wide variety of boat rental options.

Once you set sail, the simple fact that you’re on a gorgeous boat rental and surrounded by water makes for some pretty stellar boat rental selfie photo-opps. It can also be challenging to take a flattering selfie while coasting the waterways, but we’ve got your tips!

Follow these simple guidelines to capture your very best boat rental selfie.

Go Horizontal

Most of us intuitively hold the phone vertically, so this might take some getting used to. Horizontal is actually better. You simply have more options for the perfect panoramic boat rental selfie with the phone on its side! Alternately, you can use the square setting and save yourself the guesswork.

Follow the Rules

Simply put—don’t position your face in the center of the photo. Not unless you’re aiming for that sexy passport photo look. (For the record, has anyone ever seen a sexy passport photo?) The “Rule of Thirds” is photographer-speak for choose a side. Position yourself on the left or the right of the frame. See? Spectacular boat rental selfies are easy. Now smile and say, “Bon Voyage!”

The Magic Hour

Make the most of stunning natural lighting and snap away at sunset. The light during this time, generally one hour before sunset, is commonly referred to as the magic hour for many reasons. (Cheers your champagne glass is one!) Another reason: you might end up with thirty gorgeous sunset selfies. Nothing wrong with that…Just ask Queen Bey.

Play with Accessories

Throw on a pretty sun hat or show off your oversized sunglasses. Unexpected angles also make for attractive shots. It’s OK to click away. After all, you are on a luxurious yacht charter!


Remember, there is no reason to get stuck on auto focus. Change the area of focus by tapping on the part of your frame that you want to highlight. Once your phone readjusts and optimizes lighting conditions, go ahead and get snap happy. You do look great, by the way!

Lock It In

It has happened to all of us, you’ve just set up the perfect boat rental selfie and suddenly your phone goes out of focus. Here’s your tip: the AE/AF Lock feature (which stands for “auto-exposure and auto-focus lock”) will keep you from throwing your phone into the ocean. Simply hold your finger on your focus point for three seconds and the exposure point will be locked in. That was easy! Major phone casualty averted.

Now that you’re ready to capture your perfect boat rental selfie, get out on the water and start clicking away. It’s time to nail down the details. The #1 boat rental community, Boatsetter, has a worldwide fleet of boats and sailing options available to help you embark on your ultimate boat rental adventure. No experience needed if you book it with an experienced captain. And, then you can just focus on you and your best side!

Reserve your boat rental today and be sure to share your ultimate boat rental selfie with us! Follow @Boatsetter on Instagram and tag your pics with #imaboatsetter for a chance to be featured.


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