Top Boat Rentals in Florida This Winter

Spend the winter on the water. Boat rentals in Florida are the cure to the wintertime blues and this may just become your new favorite tradition. Living in the tropical climates of Florida means that we get to enjoy the cool, blue waters all year round. Let’s take a look at some of the top boat rentals in our favorite state this year!

Options For Boat Rentals in Florida:
Sailboats vs. Powerboats

While there is much discussion about the pros and cons of purchasing versus rentals for your boating options, we can all agree that renting makes your holiday much more convenient.

With Boatsetter, you can choose between sailboats or powerboats as part of your options. Sailboats have an unlimited range, which means you can cross entire oceans with your friends and family. They are more environmentally-friendly and are much quieter than powerboats. You can teach the friends and family how to man a boat themselves the old fashioned way! However, powerboats are generally more livable with modern conveniences. Just get on board, turn on the engine, and you are ready to go anytime and anywhere.

Activities in Your Favorite Florida City

A Winter holiday that includes Boat Rentals in Florida would not be complete without a list of must-do activities in the most popular sailing cities. For those in South Florida, you can take your boat rentals down the beautiful Ft. Lauderdale beach or Biscayne Bay in Miami. Or travel down the Florida Keys for an unforgettable tropical cruising experience with a drink in hand.

Augustine and Jacksonville offer the most relaxed fishing areas in the state. Spot local wildlife or take a kayak tour. Visit the wetlands of St. Augustine or go kiteboarding on Jacksonville beach. There is so much to do while enjoying the gorgeous weather with your boat rentals! Make sure to bring a cozy blanket along for when the sun goes down.

Speaking of which, sailing in Tampa and St. Petersburg means that you can view a spectacular sunset after a day of watersports adventures over the Gulf of Mexico. Go on a dolphin watch if you are travelling with kids – it is sure to be unforgettable. Take a full sailing cruise or rent a canoe to get a little closer to the water.

Boatsetter Will Be Your Guide To The Perfect Boat Rentals in Florida

Stay-cationers, snowbirds, and those who are new to Florida’s tropical climates can all fall in love with what this great state has to offer. Boatsetter allows you to kick the cold winter blues to the curb with boat rentals in Florida!


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