How Millennials Go Boating

Millennials, those born between the years of 1977 and 2000, want to be boating professionals just as their parents were. Many individuals within this time frame have grown up boat sharing with their friends and family, cruising around the waterways, learning to water ski, and fishing together.

Boat Sharing Opens Up the World of Boating To Everyone!

Boat sharing is a great way for everyone to enjoy the boat. It allows for a group of friends to split up the cost of what it takes to run it for the day, saving everyone money while also allowing everyone to have an amazing day on the water. Millennials play an important role in recreational boating current day. With the baby boomer generation aging, the parents of the millennials are slowing down their need to for boating and fishing and passing their skills to their kids, the millennials.

Filling The Space As Baby Boomers Age –  Millennials are anxious to learn and have all that their parents had. This also very much applies to the boating world. This generation is learning the ropes of boats so that they can fill in the void as baby boomers age and thus are not as comfortable on the water as they once were.

The water needs millennials almost more than this generation needs the water; now that’s saying a lot! Generational change is a real thing and gone are the days of owning a house, owning a car, and owning a boat without a payment like millennials parents had the luxury of doing. Having said so, millennials are looking for a way to maintain their hobby without the high monthly payment of a loan under their belts. This is where boat sharing comes in handy.

Just as college students have roommates because it is simply too expensive for them to live on their own, boat sharing and boat rentals have a similar approach. By diversifying the payment throughout two, three, or four best friends, millennials can still enjoy everything that their parents gave them in terms of boating, without the huge cost associated with it.

This generation is finding unique ways to enjoy what they had growing up, without the all of the monetary funds that their parents had. Although their parents worked hard to achieve what they rightfully earned, the millennials have a disadvantage when it comes to job security, job availability, and the rise in the cost of living.

Millennials are sold by the ‘experience’ that boating has to offer. Boating offers them to be part of an exclusive bunch which makes them feel as though they are including in something truly unique. If boat sharing isn’t in the cards for some millennials, boat rentals offer temporary, day-by-day rentals that require no further commitment other than being a responsible boater. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy the water without having the hassle of boat ownership. What’s even better is when you gather several friends or family members together and split the cost of the daily rental, it becomes very affordable to enjoy the boating experience without breaking the bank.

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