Boatsetter Captain Interview: Meet Captain Brian

As one of our top 10 Boatsetter captains, Captain Brian obtained his Captain’s license with his sights set on introducing others to the water, be it friends or strangers on boat rentals. After becoming a Captain, he’s never been more excited to step on a boat, even after years of working in the business. The water never tires him. When he’s not in a boat, he’s sitting at his desk, impatiently waiting for his next boat rental customer. Aquatic journeys are are specialty!

Read on for tips from one of our top Boatsetter captains!

How did you get into boating?

I started in the 80’s selling boats part time in high school and college. When I joved to Florida in the 90’s, I sold boats and started driving for clients. When the market crashed, so I bought my own boat.

What are some ways captains can give their passengers the best experience possible?

Go above and beyond what they may expect; this is accomplished by simply talking with them upon first contact concerning expectations.

What’s your favorite thing to do out in the water in your boat?

I love to anchor at a sandbar, cruise around and show them mega yachts.

Do you have advice for anyone who’s never been on a boat and is considering their first trip with Boatsetter?

Decide how many people will be coming along, if you charter a 24′ boat and have 6-10 people, consider a bigger boat. Bring Sunscreen and expect to have fun!

What’s been your favorite Boatsetter trip so far?

I had an amazing Boatsetter trip to Ocean Reef Club once!

Check out Captain Brian’s profile and book a boat rental with him here!


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