Brunch on a Boat: Here’s Our Advice

Most boat rentals start pretty early in the morning. When this is the case, it is hard to get a bite before you cast off. And who would want to anyway? There is no better place to enjoy a meal than out on the water. Our short guide will show you the easy steps on how to prepare a fantastic brunch on a boat! This is one of the true signs of a fantastic captain and with this skill, you and your friends will be ready for a full day of fishing and fun. Equipment The size of your boat charter will determine what kind of options you have. Smaller rentals are less likely to have a built-in kitchen but you should have room for a grill. At the very minimum, you are going to want a Coleman stove with a couple burners. It similar to cooking while camping except you can bring more perishable items since you will have either a refrigerator or cooler. Many boats are equipped with some options for pans, plates, cups, and cutlery but be sure you check about this in advance. Another thing you need to think about is cleanup. Does the boat have a sink and trash receptacles? You really don’t want flies and seagulls swooping around all day! Ingredients Think simply. This is where you want things like spice mixes and hot sauces instead of a whole shelf of spices. There are no rules exactly for what constitutes brunch exactly, but usually eggs are involved so be sure to pack some in the cooler. What else you would like to have? It is really up to you. Just make sure you bring some bread and/or tortillas as well as some cheese so you can make omelets. If you are planning on catching some fish and would like to serve them up alongside Brunch, then you need to the tools and space to make sure you can clean and prepare them on the boat. With fish, limes and lemons are a great idea and you can always use these in your beverages as well! Plan Ahead If you want to have a great meal, then you really need to be prepared. Certain things are more difficult to do on a boat. Even if you are in fairly calm waters, there will always be a slight rocking to the boat. For this reason, try to prepare what you can in advance and either serve cold or just heat up later. Bacon is a great example of this. You don’t want to be frying bacon on a moving boat. Likewise, chop your veggies in advance and have everything ready to just throw together. Brunch on a Bunch: It’s Just That Easy Now that you know how to make brunch on a boat, you don’t need to spend the whole day trying to live off chips and crackers, but can make some truly tasty meals. The options are endless as long as you are well equipped.


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