Can Boats be Stored Outside during the Winter?

Most of us would love the opportunity to go boating year-round. The problem is that if you live even a little north of Florida, it’s simply too cold to do that! So then the question is: what do you do during the winter months? In general, the colder the winter, the more precautions you will want to take to make sure your ship is ready to sail when spring rolls around.

1) It Can be Stored Outside

Outside storage is possible for your boat during winter. It’s especially important to pull your boat out the water because even if ice doesn’t damage your boat, the cold waters can. Outside storage is fine, but sure to take the following steps.

2) Boat Wrap is Best

Obviously, you need a cover on your boat to protect from things like snow and ice, but that’s not quite enough. The best thing to do is to get some boat wrap. You should be able to get what you need from a local hardware store or you can order online. Wrapping offers greater protection against the cold and is definitely more secure against stronger weather.

3) Lock It Down

On that note, longer storage of your boat means you want it to be ready for anything. With strong Arctic winds and blizzards, you need to make sure everything stays in place. This is doubly true if you are storing it somewhere not easily seen or off your property as people sometimes try to steal boats.

4) Make Sure it is Well-Drained

You would think that moisture and boats should get along just fine. Aren’t boats designed to cruise on the water, right? The problem is that during winter the water inside your boat is in the ballasts or the engine freezes which can cause a large assortment of problems. For this reason, make sure all fuel lines and other wet areas are drained and dry before you cover.

5) A Storage Facility

Boats are a pretty significant investment and you want to be sure that you protect them. All the former steps are good, but they don’t fully guarantee that your boat will escape winter unscathed. Depending on where you live boat storage can be as inexpensive as $35 a month.

It also saves you the hassle of taking the time to fully winterize your ship. It is easy and saves time so it is a great option particularly if you live in a place that gets some serious winter weather.

Boat Winter Storage

That’s all there is to it. So be sure to follow these steps and you can be certain that come the end of winter, all your boat will need is a little fuel and a little TLC and it will be ready for the high seas.


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  1. My friend just bought a boat, so she’s been wondering how to store it once fall comes. I live how you mentioned that she should make sure she locks down her boat, as it will protect it from harsh winds. I also think it’s a good idea to put it in a storage area, as it will be less likely to become a nest for animals. These tips will really help my friend, so thank you for sharing.

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