Can You Say Girls’ Weekend? Your Boat Rental Awaits!

If a little quality time with your girls is long overdue, planning a girls’ weekend on a boat rental can take things to the next level. With Veteran’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, that means many people are getting Friday off too, meaning–it’s perfect time for a little escape with your ladies. Sure, spa experiences and brunch-all-day events are fun but get the girls out on a boat and the real fun begins!

Grab Your Squad and Set Sail on a Boat Rental Adventure.

  • Relax and let the captain take the wheel. Even if you and your crew have boating experience, a captain can take on all the responsibility of navigating the waterways so you can relax and enjoy time with your besties. An experienced captain at the helm is a great way to truly experience the area you’re boating in. We’re thinking best, off the beaten path snorkeling spots, best spots to watch the sunset, rustic dockside dining spot….can you picture it? And of course, with a captain on the boat, your trip can also double as a wine night for you and your crew.
  • Destination anywhere. Private boat rentals abound in just about any boating location on the globe. Push off from the shores of your home base and stay close or head off for an extended boating getaway. Your girls’ weekend boat rental destination is going to be epic.
  • Choose your fancy. Choose any type of boat for your girls’ weekend. You’ll only be limited by your imagination. From sailboats to yachts to fishing charters to sleek cruisers, you can book a boat rental that will amaze your girlfriends.
  • Easy to plan and book. Choosing a leading boat sharing community is the best way to kick off the planning of your girls-only boat rental. It can all be done online and is similar to booking an Airbnb. You choose your location, choose the boat and captain, set the dates and start dreaming! With free cancellation up to 24 hours before you set sail, it’s easy to get the whole group confirmed.

ladies' night

When quality time with your girls is needed, the water is a perfect place to chill and check out something different. Whether your boat rental is yachting in the Hamptons, fishing in the Gulf Stream or sailing in the Bay, you and your BFFs are going have a great time. Choose Boatsetter to help you set sail. The #1 boat rental community has the largest worldwide fleet of private boats and experienced captains to take the helm. It’s as easy as browsing and setting the dates.

Get the girls and book your boat rental today!


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