Answer the call of Fall With Our Top 4 Fall Boat Rental Experiences

The dog days of summer are behind us. It’s time to pull on our comfy knits and inhale that crisp salt air. Fall is summer’s cooler cousin. But there’s no need to hang up your boat rental daydreams! Just grab a cardigan and slip into a warm pair of shoes, it’s fall boat rental season.

Don’t miss out on our top 4 Fall Boat Rental Experiences!

Dockside Dining

Create an itinerary and take your fall boat rental to your favorite dockside restaurants. The weather is crisp, which guarantees you won’t arrive looking like you just stepped out of the sauna. Call ahead for a reservation; many restaurants offer food and drink specials for larger groups, depending on how many people you’ve brought on board.


Tailgating is so last year. Sitting behind the wheel of a car inching into a crowded parking lot is not as thrilling as it used to be. What’s better? Boat-gating! While everyone is inhaling exhaust fumes, you’ll be hanging out on the deck of your football-themed fall boat rental. Several stadiums, including Heinz Field (GO STEELERS!) and Soldier Field (DAAAA BEARS) offer boat-up and docking options. Face paint is optional.

Go Fish

Ask any angler what they love most about fall fishing and they’ll tell you the pressure is off. Fishing in the fall is, well, a little more chill. Sure, everyone appreciates the cooler temperatures, but the fish are really biting. The truth is they’re migrating and feeding in preparation for winter, but you can chalk up your record catch to your mad fishing skills. We’ll never tell! Grab your fall boat rental and get out on the water early. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to hook wahoo, dolphin, blackfin tuna, and even marlin, as well as king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and redfish closer to shore.

Fall Foliage

Leaves. Autumn has ‘em. You want ‘em. We know they’re all the rage. But where do you find them? What do you do with them? Here’s a quick primer. Of course, the best place to experience fall foliage is on the water. Look around—from Bar Harbor Maine to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Lake Tahoe California, stunning fall views are everywhere. (Unless you live in South Florida—sorry, Miami. No fall leaves for you. But you have palm trees and year-round summer, so we don’t feel too bad for you!) Regardless of where you live, get out on your fall boat rental with your favorite photo lens to experience everything that fall has to offer.

If you’re thinking of getting away before all the holiday madness sets in, now is your chance to set sail. Seize the season and experience the best of fall on a fall boat rental. Whether you’re dockside dining, boat-gating, fishing, or capturing the perfect autumn selfie, Boatsetter has a fleet of boats available to ensure your autumn boating adventure is a success.

Leaves are falling, grab your fall boat rental now!


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