Five Tips For Renting a Boat During The Fall

If you think Labor Day weekend is the official end of boat rental season, think again. What’s better than boating in the summer? Why, fall boat rentals, of course! Many boaters prefer the cooler days of fall to the scorching dog days of summer. And who can argue? The breeze is crisp; the best anchorages are a little less crowded, and stunning fall colors are all around. Whether your Fall boat rental is propelled by sail or motor, all it takes is a little planning to make the most of your Fall boat rentals.

Here are our Top Tips for Fall Boat Rentals:

Think Warm: Days (and nights) are cooler now, so wear a warm layer under your fall jacket. Depending on where you live, it might be a good idea to bring gloves and a hat. Sure, you may not need them, but it doesn’t hurt to have them on board just in case. And don’t forget a blanket to cuddle up with on the deck at sunset. Of course, if you might still want to wear your bikini (it’s not THAT cold!), we certainly won’t stop you! Sleep In: Overnight Fall boat rentals are amazing. Fall generally provides the best sleeping weather, without the extremes of summer and winter. Plan a romantic weekend getaway or an overnight boating adventure. Bring a camera to capture all the stunning fall views from the lake. Hot Meals: When temperatures cool, we normally feel a little hungrier. That feeling somehow doubles on the water. Warm meals and hot drinks (think a thermos of tea or coffee) are great ways to cap off an evening on your Fall boat rentals. Bring a small mounted grill, or charter a boat with a galley and enjoy a delicious dinner on deck. Fuel up First: The hustle and bustle of summer’s fueling stations will be winding down. Don’t get caught with a thirsty engine and no open station in site. Be sure to fuel up before you head out, and plan ahead for any provisional needs. Fall Fishing: If you’re an avid angler, you already know fall is one of the best times for fishing. Fish are migrating and getting ready for the long winter. Everything from targeting to catching specific species of fish is simply better in the fall. Sure, it is a little cooler and the days are shorter. But carving out some time for Fall boat rentals, lets you enjoy the best of the season on the water, instead of locked on land. Boatsetter has a fleet of Fall boat rentals for you to choose from. Enjoy one of four favorite seasons for boating! (Oh right, there are only four seasons...we just love boating all year, what can we say?) Reserve your Fall boat rentals today and enjoy the beauty of the season - out on the water!


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