Fall is Finally Here, Set Sail in These Incredible Destinations

Enjoy the Cooler Weather When You Rent a Sailboat

Sometimes it feels like the summer has lasted forever! We are all in favor of summer boating, but now and then, it is always nice to go sailing in some different weather conditions. By the time September comes, lots of boaters are really looking forward to some cooler temperatures, especially during the day. There are still so many ways for you to enjoy a sailboat hire even during the fall. Sunset cruising is especially spectacular during the fall when the sun’s rays are a little less harsh on the water and they create all kinds of amazing colors for you to enjoy from the boat. As the weather cools down just a little, here are five of our most recommended places to rent a sailboat and enjoy some relaxing time on the water.

Sailing Along in San Francisco

California is such a large state that it is impossible to see everything when you rent a sailboat. However, if you start in San Francisco, you have so many options when it comes to reserving a boat. If you enjoy fantastic scenery and slightly cooler weather, a San Francisco boat rental during the fall is an excellent option for you. The waters of the bay will make soothing sounds as you enjoy the light breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean. Consider a wedding proposal or anniversary on your sailboat hire, all set against the backdrop of the skyline against the setting sun.

Find a new favorite spot to dock on Fisherman’s Wharf and visit Pier 39, where there are virtual 3D rides, restaurants, a video arcade, street performances, the Aquarium of the Bay, and California sea lions! You can also visit the famous Ghirardelli Square, a former chocolate factory. Pick up some cheesy souvenirs and enjoy waterside dining on the wharf, especially the crab or clam chowder dishes, which come served in sourdough bread bowls. You’ll never forget the beauty of San Francisco Bay as the evening light shimmers across the water.

Chicago As Seen from the Water

If you guide your sailboat hire far to the east of San Francisco, you’ll reach another incredible boating city. When you rent a sailboat in Chicago, you can spend some time exploring the Chicago River. This river is incredibly popular with all kinds of boaters, so it is better to visit in the fall when there won’t be as many people around. You can also have fun all along the Chicago Riverwalk after you’ve spent some time on your sailboat hire drifting down the river.

The tourist destination of Navy Pier features concerts, a Ferris wheel, and all kinds of enticing attractions. Navy Pier is the starting point for lots of world-famous sailing competitions, some of which take place during the fall, such as the World Match Racing tour, which was held in 2017, and eighteen global teams competed for $100,000 prize money. If you rent a boat in Chicago, it will be easy to dock at the pier and watch a race like this from your parked boat or from the pier itself.

Stunning Views at Lake Tahoe

Have you ever thought about renting a sailboat for the fall in Lake Tahoe? Boasting clear water and fresh mountain air, Lake Tahoe is famous for being the largest alpine lake in North America. This means there is breathtaking scenery and plenty of fall activities to enjoy on the sandy beaches, bike trails, and even in the busy downtown area. While Lake Tahoe can get a little chilly in fall, there are still lots of days to enjoy kayaking, swimming, and windsurfing in the lake. Here are a few more lakefront suggestions for Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe straddles the border between California and Nevada and there are 24-hour casinos and a wild nightlife scene. Boatsetter offers many types of boats for rent in Lake Tahoe. Select one and then check out these upcoming Lake Tahoe fall events (such as watching Duran Duran in concert)! Enjoy all of this memorable fun on a day on the water on board your Lake Tahoe boat rental.

The Big City: New York

A New York boat rental offers a wealth of possibilities for you as a boater. We all know about the bucket list activities to do as a boater in New York Harbor, such as cruising along the Hudson River, but there are also so many other things to do in the New York area. Fall is the perfect time to explore some of the many expansive lakes that are not too far from the big city.

While sailing your New York boat rental, check out Boldt Castle, a magnificent castle only accessible by water on Heart Island. There are also all kinds of water activities that you can experience in places like Lake George, such as skiing, tubing, and more! For an even greater challenge, you may want to try whitewater rafting down some of the upstate rivers, kayaking at Daggett Lake, or fly fishing on the Ausable River.

September in Seattle

Seattle is one of the most convenient boating locations in the country. Located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, Seattle offers so many different places for you to rent a sailboat and enjoy the water. In addition to the sound and the lake, there are also numerous enticing islands and inlets all along the edge of sound for you to explore in your sailboat hire.

With Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains watching over the city, the entire Pacific Northwest area is best enjoyed by boat. You can even visit some Canadian friends by sailing all the way up to Vancouver and beyond. A special day of fall cruising around the San Juan Islands will be something you never forget when you rent a sailboat and check out the orcas off the coast of Seattle.

Sailing Along in the Fall

While the fall might signal the end of the sailing season in so many places, it can also bring lots of other pleasures that can sometimes be drowned out in the heat of summer. The weather is much cooler and the waters are usually less crowded. This makes the fall a good time to practice your sailing ability without having to worry too much about other boaters getting in your way.

Just remember that late September and early October can often be very windy, so that can sometimes test our sailing ability. Remember that you can always hire a boat captain to help you out on the water. This means that you will always have an expert on board. If an emergency situation arises, if the weather turns bad, or if the boat starts to make strange noises, your boat captain will know what to do. Just pull on some warmer clothes and something to cover your head, then visit Boatsetter to rent a sailboat and simply set out on the water for the evening.



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