Save a Turkey; Go Fishing!

Most of us think of Thanksgiving as a turkey holiday. But if you’re looking to start a new tradition, consider navigating your local waterways on your very own fishing boat rental!

The Turkeys Need You: Book Your Fishing Boat Rental ASAP!

Head out just before sunrise on Thanksgiving morning and follow the procession of fishermen into the water, where you’re bound to see diving gulls and gannets, and maybe even bring home some fresh trout. (Trust us, the turkeys will be thankful!) What’s great about fishing on Thanksgiving is that everyone on the water will be rooting for you; it’s as if everyone wants to see everyone else hook the big catch. If you have family in town, spending time on a fishing boat rental is a great way to entertain, while still making it home by 3 o'clock for a more traditional turkey day. If you’re not feeling the big game (or the Cowboys are running away with it), head out for a few hours and focus on your own catch. The fall season has many lakes around the country stocked with fish feeding hungrily for the upcoming winter. A little escape from the big screen might be just the thing to keep you from going stir crazy, especially with all your relatives (including that one Detroit Lions fan!) cooped up under a single roof. For a truly unforgettable holiday, bring the family along on a party fishing boat rental. It's fun and affordable, and you're bound to bring some fish home to cook up and serve once you’ve had your fill of turkey leftovers. You’ll find there’s no shortage of things to be thankful for on the water. But possibly the best thing about boarding a fishing boat rental on Thanksgiving is that it gives you a chance to truly celebrate your passion for the great outdoors while enjoying a dose of the salt life. So what do you say? Give the turkeys a break this Thanksgiving and go for the fish. Boatsetter has fleets of fishing boat rentals available to help you start a new family tradition. Reserve your Thanksgiving fishing adventure today. (Every boat rental booking makes a turkey smile!)


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