Get local – Get off the beaten path in the Florida Keys!

Check out your insider Florida Keys Boating Tips!

Experience the Florida Keys like the locals do! That’s the best motto when visiting the Florida Keys.

This magical string of islands in Southern Florida is one of the most relaxing vacation spots on earth. People are friendly, the weather is always nice and  butterflies seem to be fluttering around every corner.

If you’re ready to hop off the standard Duval Street circuit of the famed party-town, Key West, we have the quintessential Florida Keys Boating Tips and list to get you off the beaten path in the Keys… these aren’t your run-of-the-mill tourist attractions!

Victorian Window Shopping! Take a slow cruise along the coast and play a game of house spotting. Amongst the stretching of beaches, you will start to see beautifully restored Victorian homes and cottages popping up through the palms. Dock your chartered sail boat or cruiser and bike or stroll along the streets to get a closer look at these homes that date back to the Hemingway era. Don’t forget to stop and smell the jasmine!

Local Watering Holes: The Hogfish Bar & Grill is the best hideaway the Keys has to offer. You’re going to want your boat for this one because this gem is located on Stock Island, just off Key West. Pull up, dock and enjoy smoked fish dip, fresh hogfish and right out of the water caught fish!  

Boating Locals Style: If you want to boat where the locals boat, you want to head to the “Seven Mile Bridge” which is often referred to as the “Downtown” … and yes, it’s in the water. Congregate and take in the southern sun and some southern conversation as well!

The Sunrise: Most Key West visitors love the sunsets… a real local knows it’s the sunrise that will really take your breath away. Make it a point to charter a sailboat for an early morning cruise. The colors on the open water are worth setting that alarm clock for.

Gone Fishing: Islamorada is the fishing mecca of the keys. Any fishing boat charter captain will tell you! Located in the Upper Keys area world-class fishing charter captains are just itching to be on the water… so this is your chance to join them.

No matter how you enjoy your visit, these Florida Keys boating tips will make the experience better. By getting off the beaten path and out of the touristy zones (which are fun too), you can experience the true beauty of the Florida Keys.

Beautiful stretches of scenery will welcome you no matter what mile marker you choose. Surrounded by water, this vacation mecca is the perfect place for boat charters and we highly recommend trying one or two during your stay.

A cruise around the Keys on a jet boat, a leisurely day of sun on a pontoon, or setting sail on a sailboat… all are top notch ways to take in the Keys. Begin your adventure by checking out the charter options with leading boat sharing company, Boatsetter, the online marketplace that has created a boat rental community connecting boat owners and captains with anyone who is ready to get out on the water.

Set sail today!


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