Planning a Florida Vacation or Stay-cation this Winter?

Flights cancelled due to icy conditions.

Sunshine deficits causing seasonal mood disorders.

General sentiment that winter sucks.

For those of who live (or are planning a vacation) in the peninsula called Florida, these headlines don’t apply. In fact, as we look at today’s forecast and see unseasonably (even for Florida) warm temps, we start making plans to go boating. Boat rentals are a great way to kick the winter blues; or rather,  just rub it in. Don’t forget to be apologetic to our friends knuckling through the cold months up north.

Consider Including a Boat Rental in your Florida Vacation Plans

In the dead of Florida’s winter, the humidity drops a bit (just a smidge) and the five degree temperature drop from 90 to 85 makes it feel a little bit like Spring. The cure for Spring Fever? A day out on the ocean! This option is easier than ever with boat sharing where you can choose a privately-owned boat rental and even hire a captain, so truly no experience is needed.

Hot Florida Vacation Spots for boat rentals:

  • South Florida & the Florida Keys – Boat rentals are the best way to take in the beautiful winter in South Florida. Choose your privately-owned boat to go snorkeling in the Florida Keys, drift diving along the Fort Lauderdale Beach coastline or Sailing in Miami’s Biscayne Bay.
  • Augustine/Jacksonville – World-class fishing offshore or in the shallow waters near St Johns River make the St. Augustine and Jacksonville areas perfect for your upcoming boat rental.
  • Tampa / St Petersburg – Ever seen the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico? It’s even more vibrant when you know there’s snow falling up north. Boat Rentals for cruising, fishing and snorkeling adventures are abundant and, hands down, the best way to spend your time on the West Coast of Florida.

Of course, this list only scratches the surface of places to rent a boat and enjoy the Florida winter. There are ocean side towns with unique offerings up and down both Florida’s coasts..It’s truly a boater’s paradise.

Boat sharing companies such as Boatsetter make boat rentals the best way to get the most out of your Florida winter whether you are a local or a “Snowbird.”  For somewhere near to the cost of a good meal out, you and your family or friends can rent a boat, hire a captain if needed and set out for a boating good time. Don’t forget to snap a selfie and share it with your loved ones up north – they’ll live vicariously. Where will you be boating this winter?


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