Rent a Boat and Explore Florida’s Reefs and Wrecks this Winter

Florida has thousands of reefs both natural and artificial for divers, fisherman (or women) and snorkelers to explore. The best way access these breathtaking places is from a boat. Boat rentals allow boat owners  visiting Florida this winter (who did not arrive with their boats) and even the locals who don’t own a boat to experience Florida’s amazing world below the waterline.

The popular website providing a wealth of information about all kinds of Florida fishing,, provides the GPS coordinates for reefs in Florida and you’ll see there are many, many options to choose from. As you decide upon where to line up your Florida boat rental and head out, take a look at our top 10 list of places you must go diving, just off Florida’s coastline.

Rent a Boat and Dive Florida’s Top Reef and Shipwreck Spots

Key Largo is a great spot for snorkeling and diving alike. A don’t-miss diving destination is the USS Spiegel Grove, a Navy ship which was sunk on purpose! The magical view of this ship is world-famous for divers and a perfect place to kick off your diving adventure in the Florida Keys.

Pensacola, if you can tear yourself away from the above-the-water beauty of it, has a diver’s paradise below the waterline. Only a few miles offshore from Pensacola Bay, lies the World War 1 battleship USS Massachusetts and just past that divers can find the San Pablo, a World War II German U-boat . Divers will also enjoy the nearby Deliverance and Navarre, two completely intact tugboats.

Panama City or PC as the locals call it is known in the diving world as “The Wreck Capital of the Gulf Coast.” If your dive-centered boat rental is slated for Northwest Florida, here are some of the best dives in the area: by the Hathaway Bridge in Panama City, divers can access the underwater site turned artificial reef that offers up goliath fish and photographic opportunities galore. The most famous wreck in this area is the British tanker that was sunk by a Geman U-boat in 1942, the Empire Mecca which can be accessed near Indian Pass.

As the map (clearly) illustrates, there are no shortage of places to head out in search of a shipwreck along Florida’s coast. The best way to get there, and in many cases, the only way to get there is by boat. If boat ownership is not on your agenda but taking in a top Florida diving experience is – boat rentals can solve that conundrum.

Boatsetter, the leading boat sharing company, has thousands of pristine, privately-owned boats available for rentals in Florida and worldwide. The amazing thing about these boats for rent is that they are for you and your group public, touristy sharing of the boat with others. And, a licensed captain who knows the local waterways can be added to the boat rental so no experience is needed. Cross diving among the reefs and shipwrecks in Florida off your bucket list – Grab your Florida boat rental today and jump in.


Florida Reefs and Wrecks GPS Map courtesy


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