Foodies and Boaters Get Together for your Upcoming Boat Charter!

Food to Bring on Boat Rental

So, you’ve booked your boat charter and you’re ready to head out with your friends and family in a few days! You must be excited. The next logical thing to think about is what food to bring on your boat rental.

Next, you probably start texting with your friends about what snacks and drinks are in order. Precious little affects the fun-meter of your boat trip more than food!

So, what are you going to eat and drink on your boating day?

It’s a question that’s a bit more complicated than the typical backyard BBQ or friendly dinner party. So if you are a newbie to the yacht charter scene in need of serious direction or an old pro just looking for some new ideas, here you go!

Know the layout of your boat – Check out the layout of your boat in advance. Does it have drink holders and a table or is it saving that space for fishing rods? Does it have any cover in the case of bad weather? All these things should factor into your food choices as you head out on your boating adventure. If the charter boat has a small table or sitting area, a platter of finger foods or chips and dip may work. If there is really only seating but no dining arrangement, prepackaged or individually package foods will work better.

Sync up your food with your boating plans – Are you planning to go straight from the marina to the sandbar and back? Are you going to be cruising the Intracoastal Waterways on board the boat for your entire charter? If you’ll be getting off the boat to go to a restaurant, light snacks are all you need! If you’re day going to be “sand-side” at the beach or the local Sandbar, a cooler with lots of ice and provisions is in order. If it’s a long cruise, lots of choices of snacks are in order.

It’s getting hot out there – An important consideration for hot summer days is food safety. Choose foods that are less likely to perish whenever possible; but for those creamy dips or cheese platters, it’s important to keep them chilled when the summer temperatures start to climb.

How to whet your whistle – Of course, you’ll need something to drink while you are out on your boat charter, so here’s a few notes on this too! Consider your guest list, will they be bringing their own drinks or will you be providing for them? Alcoholic drinks are always fun; but be sure to include some waters or non-alcoholic options just in case. Also, note if you are Captaining your own boat, alcohol should strictly avoided.

Assume that you’ll need to bring everything; but don’t over pack – It’s always good to assume that you need to bring everything with you; including cups, napkins, cutlery, trash bags, etc.  (Unless otherwise coordinated with your Boat Captain, of course.) It’s also important not to over pack…space can be limited and the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day of boating is lug tons of uneaten food back to the dock.

What not to bring –Of course, there’s a few things not to bring for good boating etiquette, including red wine, glass bottles or glass of any kind, foods that can be messy or stain the boat. Any questions, your boat owner will most likely appreciate the consideration

So now to the fun part, here are some ideas of foods to bring out your boat rental:

  • Skewers of fruits, cheeses, salamis, and vegetables
  • Chips and Dips
  • Baby Carrots and Hummus
  • Olives, Crackers and Antipasto
  • Traditional Picnic Lunch with items like: Fried Chicken, Fruit Salad, Chips etc.
  • Prepackaged snacks:
    • Mason jars or covered cups filled with layered salads
    • Pre-made sandwiches or wraps
    • Meat, Cheese Baked in Bread and wrapped in Foil
  • Brownie, Cookies and Nuts to snack on

Have a great recipe for your upcoming trip? Don’t hold back – we love food almost as much as we love boating.


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