Get Ready to Set Sail at the 2018 Summer Boat Shows

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already that time of year again—summer boat shows. There’s no better way to kick off summer than by heading down one of these great shows for four days of nautical fun. Whether you are an avid sailor, looking to get behind the wheel for the first time or just want to check out the latest and greatest in boating technology, there is something for everyone! Here’s our short guide to the upcoming shows and what you have to see!

Dates and Locations

The month of June is going to feature four great shows in different parts of the country. Our top picks are the following:
  1. San Diego International Boat Show - Jun 7-10, San Diego, CA
  2. Causeway Boat and Marine Show - Jun 9-10, Ft Pierce, FL
  3. Houston Summer Boat Show - Jun 13-17, Houston, TX
  4. 16th Annual In Water Boat Show - Jun 15-17, Bay Harbor, MI

Boats Galore!

This year, over 150 different ships will be sailing into your local harbors. You’ll see everything from yachts to powerboats to catamarans, cruisers and so much more. This is your perfect opportunity to get out there and explore and purchase virtually all kinds of seacraft.

The Superyachts

There is nothing more impressive than these incredible vessels. 2018’s summer boat shows will feature more superyachts than ever. You’ll the opportunity to climb these magnificent ships and check out all the incredible amenities from multiple staterooms to state-of-the-art technology and all the exciting toys that come along with like Jet-Skis and hot tubs.


There are two kinds of boat show attendees— those who come to enjoy the spectacle and then the serious sailors. With so many fun things to do, there’s nothing wrong with being in the first category. But if you are looking to brush up on your boating skill than this a chance you don’t want to miss. There are going to be countless workshops on everything from rigging and other sailing techniques to boat maintenance to how to navigate stressful situations such as running out of fuel or your GPS system failing. If you are new to the sailing game or just want a little refresher course, then these are a must attend.


You might have a little spot where you picking your fishing gear or rangefinders, but you cannot be the selection here. These summer boat shows have accessories for everything water-related. More than anything, it’s about having the option and ability to really check out new products and see if they are the right addition to your sea voyages.

For Everyone Else

These summer boat shows feature all things boats. But not only that, its awesome seaside location will also feature some of the city’s most famous food trucks, craft beer gardens and live music so there is literally something for everyone. Plus there’s a range of kids activities and games that will inspire the love of the sea in even the youngest kids.

Summer Boat Shows: Final Details You Need to Know

So be sure you don’t miss these great annual shows! Who knows maybe you’ll find the perfect ship to become a captain and start exploring the open ocean and discover your own amazing fishing spots! !


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