Perfect places to boat in Mallorca, Spain

Over the last few years, Mallorca has emerged as one of the best boating destinations not only in Spain but in all of the Mediterranean. If you haven’t heard of the lovely and largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands, Mallorca, then you are in for a treat. Here’s our Boatsetter Insider’s Guide to Mallorca to make planning your adventure a breeze.

The Weather

During the summer, it all comes down to weather. Get ready to escape the heat and embrace the year-round near perfect weather. The summer is the absolute best time of the year with temperatures averaging in the high 70s during the day and low 60s at night. It’s the perfect weather for cruising the shimmering turquoise waters of the open ocean.

Charming Island Towns

As much as you might want to, you can’t spend all your time on the boat. You might want to get off the boat and explore the island. There’s no better place to do that than the Alcudia Old Town. This charming walled-part of the ancient city is a modern history museum with fantastic locally made products as well as priceless artifacts from Spain’s long history.

Relax on the Beaches of Paradise

Mallorca is home to some incredible beaches. If you enjoy shimmering turquoise waters and white sand than nothing beats Playa de Muro and Cala Llombards. These two top beaches are the best place for a little barbecue and fun in the sun. Best of all, they are simply massive. You can hang out by touristy parts and gets a few drinks at some of the seaside restaurants or make your way down the shore a little and have your own private slice of paradise.

Get Ready to Stretch Your Legs

Mallorca simply has it all. From beaches to great food and fascinating history. If you looking to do a little hiking than nothing beats the lovely Serra de Tramuntana. This mountain range that forms the northern backbone of the island stands at roughly 1,200 meters tall at its highest which makes it a moderately challenging hike and provides stunning views of the island.

All about the Watersports

Of course, when you charter your own ship you have so many options. There’s no better way to get around the island and just off its coast is some of the best fishing spots in the Mediterranean. Get ready to haul in some big game or if that’s not your thing you can stick a little closer to the shore where the waters are calmer for a little water skiing. Of course, nothing beats having your own sandbar party and doing a little grilling and chilling in the sun!

Mallorca: Summer’s Perfect Destination

If you are looking for the perfect summer vacation destination, then be sure to head out to Mallorca this summer. It’s easily reachable from the Spanish mainland and is the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement you need for an unforgettable summer holiday. And for more boating ideas in the region be sure to check out our destination guides in Europe!


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