Hmm, Dinner & Drinks or Sunsets & Dolphins?

And, the winner is…rent a boat and pursue the perfect sunset this weekend!

It’s weekend planning time again also known as Monday. So, there are truly great restaurants to scope out in your area, no doubt. And, your mouth might even start to water as you think up the perfect wine pairing to go with the trendiest new Chef’s creation, all enjoyed side by side with your favorite group of family and friends sharing in the fun. But, we’ve all been here a few times before, haven’t we?

As fun as that scene has been in the past, isn’t it time to mix it up a bit this Spring? Boat rentals are the perfect way to add some excitement to your weekend plans. If you have any doubt, here’s all you need to know about heading offshore for this weekend:

  • You don’t have to own a boat.
    Boat sharing is now taking over the boating industry and boat rentals no longer mean sitting shoulder to shoulder with strangers and touring touristy areas on someone else’s schedule. Now you can rent a boat (privately with only your group) and head out for a few hours, a full day or an extended trip. It’s just like owning a boat of your own.
  • You don’t have to know how to operate a boat.
    The boat rental model offered up by top boat sharing companies such as Boatsetter allows you the option to include a Coast Guard-licensed captain. You don’t have to know the local waterways or take on the safety responsibilities…you just have to arrive (sunscreen in hand) and set sail!
  • It’ll work out to the same price as other weekend outings.
    Boat rentals are surprisingly inexpensive as compared to other weekend endeavors. It’s easy to do the math…a good meal with nice wine and dessert followed by a comedy show adds up to the same or more as the cost of a sunset boat rental split between three couples!
  • You might see dolphins. Need we say more?

Okay we’ve got more reasons: sunsets are better from the bow of a boat; champagne is crisper; smiles are more genuine; family bonds are real and time can even stand still. Booking your boat rental is as easy as picking the boat, setting the date and then setting sail. Thousands of boat styles are available for fishing, snorkeling, cruising or hitting the sandbar and captains seal the deal so you can relax and enjoy the boating adventure.  Ready for the weekend? Let’s plan some boating fun…


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