Engagement Season: How To Pop The Question On A Boat

Are you thinking about asking the big question? Popping the big, “Will you marry me” is nerve-wracking and can get some serious butterflies fluttering in your stomach. This is a huge right of passage, asking for a special person's hand in marriage, so why not make it beyond special? Deciding to propose on a Boatsetter yacht will make a memorable and impactful proposal.

Proposal ideas:

  • On the bow of a yacht
  • On a beach or island
  • Stand knee deep in clear ocean water while at the sandbar
  • Place the ring in a seashell and have it served to her at dinner
  • Write a message in the sand when your boat pulls up to the beach
People are always thinking of unique ways to propose to their significant other. Of course, there are a host of traditional ways to propose, but what if proposing in a spectacular way was tangible? Through a yacht charter, it surely is. Proposing on a yacht will create the most noteworthy time for both of you. Feel free to hire a photographer and ask him to discreetly capture the moment - candid photos are the best!

The Perfect Itinerary:

First, decide if you are going to have a day or evening proposal and plan accordingly. Trickily ask her to dress in something semi-formal, as the yacht requires such attire for the evening. Although this isn’t exactly true, it will make the photos look that much more amazing. When it’s time to pop the question, take her to the most impressive part of the yacht, whether it is the bow, stern, or rooftop patio. Ask one of the crew members to lay rose petals which lead to the perfect proposal spot, where the groom-to-be will be waiting. There are many ways to get creative while proposing on a boat or yacht. If you choose to do it during the day, perhaps plan an underwater diving or snorkeling excursion where you pull the ring out while under the water. If you stop off at a dockside bar or restaurant, order a glass of champagne and propose over a dinner. Taking a sunset cruise is the perfect way to pop the big question. As you ride off into the sunset with fireworks going off, there will be true love in the air and she will be so captivated by the event. A romantic boat ride complete with champagne, fireworks, and dinner will surely swoon her. Don’t forget music! Music is a great way to set the mood and get you into the zone. Getting engaged is a special time, and there is no feeling quite like asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Since it is such a special occasion, planning it should take careful consideration as well. She will value the time, effort, thought, and love that you put into this evening. What could be more romantic than the perfect engagement? With a private captain and breathtaking views, she will be beyond surprised and full of love.


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