Spend Your Independence Day on the Water in 2019

With the summer at our doorstep, boating season has officially arrived! And there’s no better time to enjoy your 4th of July than with a boat rental from Boatsetter. Whether you’re looking to host an Independence Day party with your friends and family or enjoy the fireworks from the boat, our boat rentals have you covered from ship to shore. To help you get the most out of your 4th of July party in 2019, we’ve compiled this useful guide to get you on your way. Because, when it comes to celebrating, there are so many things you can you with your boat rental! From docking up at the sandbars to hosting a barbecue from the boat, you can rest assured that this 4th of July will be one to remember.

Rent a pontoon boat and have a barbecue out on the water

Independence Day is a day for celebrating the United State’s independence, but it’s also a day for cooking out and tossing some meat on the grill. With a pontoon boat rental, you can cruise out on your nearby lake and host a cookout in style. Since many of our pontoon boat rentals come fitted with fully-stocked grills you can bring your favorite steaks onboard and keep your beverages cold with our fully equipped fridge. The best part is that many of our pontoon boat rentals hold up to twenty people, so there’s room for the entire crew to sit back and relax on this beautiful holiday.

Get in on some water sports activities with the kids

If you’re celebrating this 4th of July on a boat with your family, then you can rent a speedboat on your nearby lakes and rivers. With your speedboat rental, you can ensure that our boats will deliver fun for the entire family. Since many of our speedboat rentals come with wake boards, tubes, and water skiing, you can watch your kids fly down the water on a tube, while you take a shot at landing a 360 on a wakeboard. Our speedboats can be rented with or without a captain, so if you want to have a private speedboat rental for the family, then Boatsetter’s got you covered.

Dock up at the sandbar and watch the fireworks

Few things are more synonymous with the 4th of July than fireworks. Those dazzling little explosions of light and color in the sky that we have come to know over all of our past Independence Day parties. With your boat rental from Boatsetter, you can dock-up at the nearby sandbar and watch the fireworks from the boat. With all the water around you, you can enjoy a cold beer and some BBQ while watching the lights as they flicker across the water.

Hop aboard a sailboat and learn how to sail this 4th of July

For the more adventurous spirit, you can rent a sailboat and learn how to sail this 4th of July. With an experienced captain onboard, you can learn the ropes of what it takes to sail around the world with zest. You can also bring along the family, and show the kids just what it takes to become a master of the water. Since most of our sailboats have cabins onboard, you can sleep under the stars with your 4th of July boat rental and make this summer holiday the best one of the year.


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