5 Boat Must-Haves for the Perfect Kid-Friendly Adventure

Nothing beats renting a boat and taking the family out for a little weekend journey. Most people remember the essentials like life jackets, sunscreen, food and water, but it can be a little tricky figuring out what are the best things to have around for a fun-packed day. If you are looking to have an excellent adventure, then make sure you bring along these five boat must-haves for a perfect day with the kids out on the water.

Check out our top boat items for kids before hitting the water:

Waterproof Camera

Chartering a boat gives you the opportunity to create some unforgettable memories. And there is no better way to capture them than with a waterproof camera. Don’t let you smart phone get splashed or worse, sink to the ocean floor.

Instead, get one of these awesome cases or better yet, get a full-sized camera that is made to be dunked underwater and can take some seriously awesome images. Best of all, they are designed to float so you don’t have to worry about them going overboard!

This should just be under your normal essentials, but it is important that we stress this here. Nothing ruins a day out on the water than someone getting sick. Seasickness can be common particularly in young ones so plan ahead.

The best strategy is to take one pill the night before your boat journey, and one thirty minutes before it begins. Everyone may be a little drowsy at first, but the excitement of waves splashing against your faces will wake you right back up!

Inflatable Rafts

There are all kinds of fun activities for kids associated with renting a boat. From fishing to waterskiing to good old fashion swimming. It all depends on your family’s particular interests. However, there is nothing easier to bring along and use than inflatable rafts. You can float around in style or attach one to the back of the boat for some excitement. Either way, they are fun, affordable and portable.

Portable Speaker

Think of all the classic family boat movies like Captain Ron and Summer Rental. There is always a great montage scene with everyone out on the water having a good time. Create your own soundtrack of choice for your seaside adventure. There are some excellent waterproof speakers out there like the UE Roll so you can just press play and let the good times roll.

child snorkeling

Snorkeling Gear

Chances are your boat charter is taking you across some beautiful waters. Snorkeling is such a great look into the aquatic world because you get all the benefits of goggles with unlimited oxygen. It’s also fantastic exercise and a great way to work up an appetite before a big lunch! If your kids are not strong swimmers, just make sure they have some floaties, fins, or a life jacket so they can spend as much time snorkeling out there as you.

Five Must-Have Items

These five accessories are essential for a perfect family boating outing. They will make sure everybody has a good time. Your only problem might be that they have so much fun, they might want to go every weekend. But, with so many great aquatic adventures, the options are endless. Who knows, maybe next time you can even try your hand at sailing!

Do you have any recommendations for fun family activities on a boat? Let us know!


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