The Ultimate Los Angeles Boater Bucket List

When it comes to big names cities in the United States, there are few destinations known more by the world than the city of Los Angeles. This “City of Angels” is home to everything from Hollywood to the Lakers. Characterized by its sprawling cityscape and beaches along with the celebrities that frequent its restaurants and cafes, there are opportunities abound in this New York City rival that lies on the West Coast. With the Pacific Ocean right at its doorstep, there’s endless hidden coves and beaches that are just waiting to be explored by you and your crew. That’s where our Los Angeles boat rentals come it. With the perfect L.A. boat rental from Boatsetter, you can rest assured that with the wind in your hair and the sun at your back, the Pacific Ocean is yours for the taking!

Rent an electric boat and cruise the coast in comfort

Our Los Angeles electric boat rentals come fitted with everything from an ice chest and candles to electric water bikes and paddle boards. Now that you’ve got your boat rental from a Los Angeles marina, you can enjoy everything one of our electric Duffy Deck Boats has to offer. You can enjoy a nice lunch on the water with a fully-stocked fridge, and candles on the sundeck while taking in that endless Los Angeles sun. From sunrise to sunset, you will see firsthand that there’s no better view of Los Angeles than from the water.

Hop in the water and try out our electric water bikes and paddle boards

Since our electric boats come with electric water bikes and paddle boards as well, you can take your on-water experiences to a whole new level! But what is an electric water bike, exactly? Basically, an electric water bike is a bike that allows you to cycle on the water. Propelled by underwater propellers which in turn move the bike forward when you pedal, these bikes are perfect for getting in some exercise while out on the water with your Los Angeles boat rental. And if the bikes aren’t enough you can always take out some of our paddle boards that come included with the electric boat rental.

Take your boat rental and cruise on over to Catalina Island

Now that you’ve seen what electric water bikes and paddle boarding are all about, it’s time to head over to one of L.A.’s best-kept secrets, Catalina Island. Just southwest of Los Angeles and known for being one of California’s Channel Islands, this little getaway is the perfect place to anchor up your boat for some serious whale watching. From your boat rental you got in Los Angeles, you can beat the crowds and go on your own private whale watching tour! Around Catalina Island, you can be sure to see everything from humpback whales and blue whales.

Enjoy a night under the stars in the boat’s luxurious cabin

After a long day of water sports and whale watching, it’s time to enjoy a night under the stars aboard your Los Angeles boat rental. Since our electric boat rentals come with a secluded private cabin, you can sleep in comfort with your loved one while listening to the gentle waves passing by. And on a nice summer evening, you can even relax on the sundeck and watch the stars as they glimmer above Los Angeles.


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