How to Make a DIY Boat Shed

A boat is a serious purchase and it’s important that you protect it. The various elements like sun, wind, and rain can damage the exterior of the boat and greatly reduce the lifetime of its use. For this reason, many individuals opt to store their vessel in a shed as it provides much more protection than just a cover.

Whether you are a first-time boater or lifelong sailor, boat sheds are pretty simple and one of the boating essentials so instead of paying someone else to do it, you should do it yourself! Why not do it yourself. It can be a fun project, save you money and give you the opportunity to customize the space the way you want it.

1) Do your research

A shed is a fairly simple structure. It’s basically one room so four posts and some materials on all sides. That said, you may have specific needs for your boat. There are tons of examples online to help you get inspiration so that you not only have something functional but something that matches your style.

2) Measure, Measure, Measure

There’s a reason for the saying measure twice, cut once. Measurements are key for every step of the way. For many people, it’s a little bit of a chicken and the egg situation. Which do I get first? A boat or a place to store it?

Your boating needs may change over time so your best bet is to go bigger than larger so you have space for a larger vessel. Think about your price range and find the measurements of some similar ships. Make sure you leave room for additional closets, chests, and other areas. You can even add space to make it a little hang out.

3) Find Materials

Since you are providing the labor, most of your cost is going to come down to materials and transporting them. The budget has a lot to do with determining things. But if you do your homework, you can find quality materials at good prices. Recycled wood is not only better for the environment, but you can often pick it up cheaply. Likewise with bricks, cinder blocks and the other things you might need.

4) Take Your Time

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a quality boat shed may take a couple. Space it out over a weekend and see if you can convince a few friends to help you. You’ll never know how helpful it can be just to have someone hold a board in place so that you can hammer a nail. You can always pay them back by taking them out on fun rides on your boat!

A Place to Call Your Own

Once it’s all said it done, you’ll be happy to say that you personally crafted your boat’s home. It’s the first step to becoming a true boat captain. You may want to consider adding some finishing touches like electricity and air conditioning and if you have made it this far, then you know have the expertise to make into the boat shed of your dreams!


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