Make your boat listing shine – It’s all about the images

Owning a better boat is within your grasp! Boatsetter offers a way for boat owners to earn income with their boats, safely and seamlessly and the success all starts with the listing.

Listing at Boatsetter is free and easy. We’ve partnered up with an industry expert to provide some tips on how to make your boat stand out online. Spoiler Alert: It’s all about the images!

Our guest blogger: ICE is an expert at helping their clients manage and distribute their visuals to millions of unique visitors every day on thousands of websites around the globe. In other words, we’ve got tips from an expert for you to use to make your Boatsetter boat listing look ahh-mazing!

Use expert tips to add shine to your boat’s listing:

Whether you own a powerboat, sailboat or paddle boat, high quality visuals are what is going to get your boat noticed by consumers browsing Boatsetter’s listings. A variety of factors go into what qualifies a photo or video as high quality. The following points will help boat owners understand what makes a visual high quality and therefore increase the amount of rentals your boat attracts.

Size – Large, high resolution images will prompt site visitors to spend more time checking out your boat. In fact, larger images increased sales by 9.46% in a study done by Visual Web Optimizer.

Descriptions – Descriptions allow boat owners to tell a story about the image they are displaying. Boat owners should utilize this space to capture consumers’ interests – For example “Queen of the Sea provides a smooth ride for those looking to sunbathe atop Miami’s clear blue waters” sounds more compelling than “Power Boat.”

Quantity – The more visuals you have, the better. If someone is interested in booking your boat, they’ll want to see as much as possible that you have to offer. Sell them with your stunning visuals!

Category – Assigning the proper categories to your images will make them more visible to consumers researching your boat. If someone is interested in looking at a sailboat, categorizing such images will aid them in their search.

Format – It is important to upload the recommended file types in order to have your visuals shown at the highest quality. Surveys state that clear, detailed images are deemed to be very important by 67% of consumers.

The world has become more and more accustomed to visual imagery. Especially when considering boat rentals, Boatsetter’s customers are looking for the boat that matches their goals and wants…the best way to choose: look at the pictures.

Boatsetter is the online community that offers a way for boat owners to earn money with their boats. The Boatsetter platform is focused on two things:
– a worry-free, safety-focused “sharing” platform
– keeping the control in the hands of the boat owner from pricing, scheduling to final approval of the boat rentals.

Listing is quick, free and easy. (Don’t forget to check out the image tips to make your boat shine!)


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