New Year’s Resolution 2016 Planning: Experience Life on the Water

You have T Minus 25 Days until you unveil your New Year’s Resolution…if you take this at all seriously, it might be time to start planning. A good starting point is to reflect on the past year. What did 2015 bring you? What did you do right? What did you accomplish? What could you do better? (Unless you were perfect and your life was exactly what you wanted it to be. Then, you may not even need a New Year’s Resolution and can just hit repeat.) For those of us who love boating, we review an important metric: How much time to did we find to break away and go boating?

In this review process, most of us can find some things to improve upon, work on, add to the list. Stats show that only 25% of us keep up efforts toward New Year’s Resolution beyond the first week of the New Year. Does this drop off show that we are a community of slackers or are we choosing the wrong kinds of resolutions? My two cents: our resolutions are too hard to attain, too pie-in-the-sky or don’t touch upon things that will truly make us more happy in life – experiences! So, here’s where Boatsetter can help.

Make 2016 the year to experience life on the water – that’s a resolution you’re going to keep!

If your New Year’s Resolution centers around something you want to do, for example, go boating, it seems obvious what’s going to happen. You’re going to stick to plan!

Cynics among us might be saying: Sounds good but I don’t own a boat so that is pie-in-the-sky. Wrong answer…boat rentals are easier to access and better than ever with the onset of boat sharing.

The sharing economy that brought us household names like AirBnB and Uber has also brought us boat sharing where boat owners can open up their pristine, privately-owned boats of all makes and models for boat rentals that even a non-boater can rent (if he or she uses a captain to man the ship).

Additional great news, boats are located all over the world and range from pontoon boat to yacht to the ultimate fish catching machine with lots of options in between. It’s all up to you and how you want to spend your time on the water or, better stated, work towards your sticking to your 2016 New Year’s Resolution.

The year’s coming quickly to a close and resolution planning is in order. Boatsetter, the leading boat sharing company, recommends adding more boating to the mix for 2016. The rest will all fall in place.


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