See the Graveyard of the Atlantic with North Carolina Boat Rentals

Wreck diving brings you face-to-face with more than 600 unlucky vessels off the Eastern seaboard that unexpectedly sank to the bottom and North Carolina boat rentals can get you. Wrecks include 16th -century Spanish ships, World War II U-boats, and modern-era barges and dredges. Many vessels sank in disastrous storms, although others fell victim to pirates, cannonballs, or torpedoes. Other ships were intentionally scuttled, and have become artificial reefs that attract underwater vegetation and colorful fish.

If you’re a certified SCUBA diver, and you’ve got the wreck diving bug, you don’t have to endure a crowded dive boat. Instead, book your own boat rentals, and get the most from your wreck diving expeditions.

Graveyard’s Wrecks abound along the Eastern Seaboard

Many hapless vessels grounded on shoals that extend outward from Cape Fear, Cape Hatteras, or Cape Lookout. Although you’ll find a few wrecks near the shore, most popular wreck diving destinations are 20 to 45 miles offshore. In areas with multiple wrecks, and if weather conditions permit, expect two separate dives during a typical day trip. For more extensive explorations, an overnight or even a multi-day excursion might make sense.

Get a Fish-Eye View of Wreck Diving Conditions

The Graveyard of the Atlantic dive season generally extends from May to October. During those months, Atlantic Ocean water temperatures typically range from 68 degrees to 76 degrees. In the summer, however, you might encounter warmer water, thanks to the Gulf Stream’s effects. Yes, you’ll need a wetsuit, although water temperatures might determine the suit’s thickness.

After slipping under the waves, expect 40-foot to 100-foot visibility, depending on water conditions. Near-shore wrecks might rest in 25 feet of water, while deep-water wrecks can lie more than 170 feet down, and might require advanced diving expertise. However, most popular wreck dive destinations are within recreational diving limits, or between 80 feet and 125 feet in depth.

Follow These Safe Wreck Diving Practices

Although open-ocean wreck diving can be exciting, it also presents some hazards. To increase your odds of a safe, enjoyable trip, follow several safety precautions. First, when booking boat rentals, get a seaworthy vessel that can handle ocean winds and waves. If possible, bring an experienced wreck diver who’s familiar with the dive sites you’ll visit.

Match Your Skills to the Dive’s Challenges: Hone your diving skills, and become familiar with your equipment, before embarking on an open-ocean wreck diving trip. During the dive, stay within your certification and experience limits. If necessary, get additional training beforehand. Finally, don’t attempt to enter the wreck if you haven’t received special instruction.

Protect Your Body from Underwater Hazards: During the dive, currents and sudden surges can push you into the wreck, leaving you vulnerable to injury from sharp edges or protruding objects. Minimize your risk by wearing a full wetsuit and gloves.

Prepare Yourself for an Extended Surface Swim: While you’re underwater, strong currents can carry you away from the dive boat. When you surface, be ready for an extended swim in choppy conditions. By keeping yourself in good physical shape, your body can better handle a demanding dive. To alert a crewmember to your location, include a mirror, safety sausage, and noise-making device in your gear.

Stay in Control by Booking Your Wreck Dive Boat Rentals

So you’re chomping at the bit for some wreck diving, but you don’t have a boat, and you’re tired of feeling like a sardine on commercial dive vessels. Good thing there’s a painless solution. Just contact Boatsetter, the premier boat-sharing company that makes it easy for boaters and local boat owners to connect with each other.

With Boatsetter, executing dive boat rentals is simple. Within a few minutes, you can reserve a privately owned powerboat (or sailboat, on another occasion) near your homeport. If you’re new to boating, or you’d like an experienced skipper to handle the vessel in demanding ocean conditions, hire a licensed Coast Guard captain.

You’ll find Boatsetter boats in convenient coastal ports and on inland lakes around the United States and abroadSo grab your calendar, and book that salty dive boat today.

Then, assemble your gear, call a few dive buddies, and get ready for some wreck diving excitement!


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