Ditch the Cable Park and Rent a Wakeboard Boat

Enjoy the Wakeboarding Experience of a Lifetime Do you typically have to pay to visit a cable park for your wakeboarding experience, simply because you do not own a boat? If so, you know that the costs can really add up very quickly, especially if you often visit the cable park. Cable parks are great, […]

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jet ski yachts

Impress Your Friends with a Party on the Water

Enjoy the Time of Your Life on a Party Boat Rental Just imagine sailing through blue-green waters on one of those massive, luxurious boats like in The Wolf of Wall Street! With a yacht rental, you can rest on the lower deck while looking up at the helipad and seeing a shining chopper just waiting […]

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Allatoona Lake

The Best Georgia Lakes for a Family Vacation

Explore Top Lake Boating Destinations in Georgia  The state of Georgia is swarming with natural lakes and reservoirs, usually stemming from dams. No matter how they came to be, these lakes offer wondrous fishing and boating opportunities, especially if you are looking for the ultimate family vacation spot. So hop aboard your Georgia boat rental […]

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sailing the panama canal

Set to Sea in the Panama Canal

Enjoying the Panamanian Rainforest from the Water Have you ever considered renting a sailboat, a speedboat or a simple fishing boat to drift along the Panama Canal? If not, here is your opportunity! Perhaps you would like to take an intimate jaunt down the canal with just a special loved one? Or you may prefer […]

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Offset boat ownership cost

Own a Boat for Close to Nothing!

Offset Boat Ownership Costs by Listing Your Boat on Boatsetter You probably already know that Boatsetter is the best place to go when you’d like to rent a boat or yacht for an affordable sailing adventure. But did you know that Boatsetter can also help you as an existing boat owner? You can offset the […]

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