7 Boating Vocabulary Words You Probably Don’t Know

So you think you are boating expert? Well, let’s just see. Here are seven of Boatsetter essential vocabulary words that even some of the most seasoned captains may not even know! The funny thing is, you probably have seen many of these things, you just never knew the terms for them before. 1.Bosun’s Chair Ships […]

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Overhead view of boat speeding on blue water

The Boating Gems of the Florida Keys

With so many  excellent destinations in the Florida Keys, it is essential that you have the right boat so that you can explore them all in luxury and style. Here are our top five picks for the best Florida Keys boat rentals. They are pretty incredible so you better hurry and reserve them now! 1.The […]

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How To Winterize Your Boat

Unless you are lucky enough to be chartering off to the Caribbean this winter you likely are going to be facing some cold, cold weather. Even if you have your boat in a shed or under wrap, this might not be enough to protect it from the wrath of Old Man Winter. So instead be […]

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