How to Make a DIY Boat Shed

A boat is a serious purchase and it’s important that you protect it. The various elements like sun, wind, and rain can damage the exterior of the boat and greatly reduce the lifetime of its use. For this reason, many individuals opt to store their vessel in a shed as it provides much more protection […]

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Boat trailer in front of tent

4 Tips for Trailering your Boat

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a boat. It is our gateway to the sea! Now it’s time to actually get it in there. For first time sailors, getting your boat trailed just perfectly seems difficult, but it’s all just a matter of technique. Read this short guide and you’ll be getting your boat […]

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Ocean storm

5 Things You Need to Know When the Weather Turns Bad on Board

Even with the latest technology, bad weather can be hard to predict. This is doubly true at sea. That’s no problem though. With the right preparation and skills, you should be able to withstand anything that comes your way and make it safely back to shore. 1. Put on Lfe Jackets Immediately Although many people […]

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Top 5 Places to Watch the 2013 America’s Cup Finals

America’s Cup Finals begin this Saturday!  It’s never too late to plan your America’s Cup event, as races can last until the 21st. Our intrepid sailors have compiled a list of the best spots to catch all the action. 1. On a Boat Want to soak up the action like a VIP?  If you are lucky […]

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