Coast Guard boat on the water

4 Things to Expect During a Coast Guard Check

The Coast Guard is are our friend. They help us in times of distress and help keep our shores safe from all kinds of things. However, if they choose to come aboard your ship, it can be a little intimidating. However, it is nothing to worry about. If your boat is well-maintained, they will be […]

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Overhead view of boat speeding on blue water

Do these 5 things before buying boat insurance

A boat is a serious investment, so you want to be sure that you are covered should something happen to it. Let’s face it, the sea isn’t always the most forgiving place, and even if you store it in a nice, safe warehouse, you never know what can happen. That’s why you need boat insurance. […]

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7 Secrets to Getting More Boat Rentals

Follow These 7 Easy Steps To Earn More Boat Rental Income! With the sharing economy comes thousands of ways for the average citizen to make money with their assets such as spare rooms, cars and boats. If you’re a boat owner new to boat sharing or simply trying to step up your boat rental income […]

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Jonathan Look SCUBA diving in Bali, Indonesia

Boatsetter Features Founder of LifePart2: Jonathan Look

We got to chat with Jonathan Look, the founder of LifePart2, a travel blog specifically for early retirees. Learn how Jonathan chose his path and the incredible boat trips he’s taken, plus advice on how to travel and boat more. As an international traveller and retired expat living abroad, you write specifically about travel for […]

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