Ibiza Boat Party

Get Your Party Started with Boatsetter!

Book a Cruising Boat Charter Today! Are you ready to party like Leonardo di Caprio in The Wolf of Wall Street? When you’re on a megayacht in the middle of the ocean, you can live out all of your fantasies on the water. We’re here to show you how to book a cruising boat charter. […]

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fishing in the fall

Fall is Nearing, Here are the Fish You Should be Catching

Some Fish to Catch When You Get a Fishing Boat Rental When fall arrives, a lot of boaters start winterizing their vessels and putting away their fishing equipment, especially if they own a saltwater fishing boat. This means they are missing out on some of the best fishing there is! After the long, hot summer […]

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Catamaran Buyers Guide

Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Catamaran

Known for rivaling the sailboat with its two hulls, catamaran rentals and purchases have seen a great surge in popularity over the last decade. Those who tend to choose a catamaran like the Helia 44, typically prefer more comfort and a much more stable experience than hitting the sea with your favorite sailboat. You see, […]

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FAQ: Boatsetter Owner Safety

Common Boatsetter owner safety-related questions and answers:   Q: How does Boatsetter vet renters? A: Boatsetter verifies renters by collecting information such as phone number, email, birthday, and in most cases, their driver’s license and social security number. Renters are encouraged to fill out a profile indicating their boating experience and must agree to the […]

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Make Your Boat Listing Shine: Increase Your Response Rate

Have you ever wondered how boats land on the first couple of pages in the search results? Well, your search ranking, or how high your boat appears in the search results, is directly impacted by your response rate. Every Boatsetter Owner has an average response rate, which is calculated by a number of response actions […]

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Make Your Boat Listing Shine: Reviews are Key

As renters plan their day out on the water, they take a few actions in making sure their experience is going to be a positive one. After filtering through competitively priced boats and their photos, they actively search for boats that have great reviews. Reviews are important because they not only gauge your reputation and […]

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