yacht charter for a week price

Here’s the Price Tag for Hiring a Yacht and Crew for 1 Week

Learn How to Save Money When You Get a Yacht Hire with Boatsetter Have you always wanted to enjoy the boating lifestyle? Have you looked into it and come to the conclusion that it is just way out of your price range? Well, these days, yachting with Boatsetter can be extremely affordable. When you arrange […]

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cape coral summer

Why Cape Coral Needs to Be Your Summer Destination

Your Guide to One of Florida’s Best Getaways The mesmerizing coast, golf courses, and numerous family attractions are what makes Cape Coral an irresistible location. It is situated on the edge of Florida, with waters from the Gulf of Mexico splashing the coast and the sandy beaches. It can be compared to Miami in terms […]

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san francisco sailing

Sail the San Francisco Bay

Your Guide to Exploring the Pacific on a Yacht Have you ever considered renting a catamaran or yacht for a couple of nights around San Francisco? Even if it is just an overnight charter, you can do a lot of snorkeling, windsurfing and whale watching. Check out some of the amazing boat listings that we […]

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must visit light houses

Let These 5 Lighthouses Spark Your Next Adventure

Learn More About America’s Historic Lighthouses With a Boatsetter boat rental, you can easily plan for a fun-filled waterway journey guided by these five historic lighthouses, which can all easily be accessed by waterway. Lighthouses are majestic structures that often have great historical significance. Lighthouse keepers, where they still exist, can provide a good deal […]

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starting a boat charter business

How Do I Start My Own Boat Charter Business?

Using Boatsetter to Get into the Business of Chartering Have you ever thought about getting into the business of chartering? As a boat owner, you might have found that the costs of owning a boat can add up quickly. You might not have quite as much time as you used to for boating now, so […]

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monohull vs catamaran

How Different is Monohull Sailing from Catamaran Sailing?

Organize a Catamaran Rental or Rent a Monohull Today! Catamaran sailing has become quite popular and more visible recently. This is probably because catamarans are easier to sail than monohulls, and they can also be safer if you are just getting started as a sailor. In this article, we will explain exactly what a catamaran […]

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