Take Party Planning to The Water: Hello Boat Rentals!

There are so many things to celebrate in life… graduations, anniversaries, engagements, promotions…don’t settle for the same, old boring setting every time. Capture the greatest memories of your life the best way we know how – out on the water! If you don’t own a boat or your current boat is not large enough for you group, parties on boat rentals are easier than ever and the event’s highlight reel, well, that’s going to be unforgettable!

#1 Venue for Celebrating your Milestones: boat rentals!

Here’s our list of the top 3 things you should celebrate on a boat!

Wedding Anniversary boat rentals – now that’s romantic! For a romantic way to celebrate your 1, 5, or 10 year anniversary, try this romantic alternative to the usual flowers and a dinner reservation. Charter your very own luxury yacht or romantic catamaran complete with a captain to let you relax and savor the time together. Little to no boat experience is needed when your boat rental comes with a captains and sunsets over a glass of champers out on the ocean can’t be beat.

More experienced boaters can charter a boat or sailboat for a more intimate, hands-on experience. Many cruisers, yachts and sailboats have overnight accommodations, so no need to worry about watching the clock or booking a hotel room for the night. Truly escape from reality and have an anniversary as memorable as your honeymoon.

For the Ultimate Family Reunion – Rent a Boat! Trade the lawn darts and volleyball for snorkeling and water polo! Your next family reunion will be 10x more fun when you invite the entire family on a boat rental instead of a stuffy community center or Grandma’s backyard. The great thing about parties on boat rentals is there are tons of options and the ocean is the best playground!

A large party catamaran or extended size yacht can hold parties up to 400 people – making it the perfect option for a family reunion. On deck BBQs and kitchen accommodations make it possible to feed and serve large groups with space for music, mingling and swimming for the kids. For smaller and less formal parties on boat rentals – a fleet of pontoon boats or smaller rentals can hold groups of 20-50. Shuttle your family to the local sandbar and enjoy a day of BBQ and sun. Your fam is going to love this refreshing twist on a fun tradition!

Amp up your going away party – set sail on a boat! The perfect send-off is secured when you plan your parties on boat rentals! Invite your guest of honor and best buds to enjoy one last hoorah at sea. A speed boat or mid-sized cruiser is perfect for most going away parties. More than one rental is an easy way to include more in the fun. Most vessels have room for coolers and some have kitchens – perfect for prepping and serving snacks to the group.

No matter what the occasion, boat parties on boat rentals are the perfect way to mix things up and create lasting memories! Creating the private boating experience is easier than ever with boat sharing, the new style of renting a boat similar to AirBnb or Uber. Leading boat sharing companies like, Boatsetter, allow boaters with any level of experience (captains are easy to include) to rent a privately-owned boat  and enjoy the boating lifestyle.

Take the first step by checking out Boatsetter’s fleet and choosing your date! There are boat rental options ranging from four person speed boats all the way to 400 person party yachts! Plan your next event today.


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