Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Pontoon

Having a pontoon boat at your disposal can be one of the best ways to escape the mainland and relax under the sun while out on the water. With all the options out there, from Bentley Pontoons to Princecraft’s fleet, finding the perfect pontoon boat can go from exciting to stressful in a matter of minutes. That’s why we’re here to guide you along the way. With one of the largest listings of pontoon boat experiences in the world, at Boatsetter, we know our boats well and we know what each boater loves. And, of course, if you’d rather just rent a pontoon rather than purchase one, we are here to make your pontoon experience fantastic every step of the way.

The perfect pontoon should match your personality

You see, finding the perfect pontoon boat has everything to do with what you’d like out of a boat and how your personality will match with that specific pontoon. While some anglers use their pontoon as a reason to fish, other’s enjoy the leisure of relaxing on soft cushions while the sun dips below the surface of the water. For those that like to keep things simple, and leave all the bells and whistles at home, the Cypress Cay Seabreeze 211 is a wonderful pontoon for you. An entry-level pontoon this little boat does exactly what it said it does: just breezes.

The Bennington SX 24 Swingback is luxury on water

If on the other hand, you’re a wild angler looking to cruise along big lakes and the open sea in comfort, you won’t be disappointed with the Bennington SX 24 Swingback. A model that comes with a price tag, this luxury pontoon is a fantastic boat for taking out your friends and family, with a few cold drinks and some tuna sandwiches. Revel in the comfort of the Bennington SX 24 Swingback elegant leather seats and leave all your worries behind. With this stylist pontoon, you’ll be sure to get looks from your neighboring boaters as you steal the show along the water.

Pontoon rentals are the best way to dip your toe in

Of course, finding the perfect pontoon is always more enjoyable if you can try it first. Right? Fortunately, with one of Boatsetter’s pontoon rentals near you, you can rent one of these marvelous boats privately and head for the water to see if the experience matches the description yourself. From Regency pontoon boats to Bennington pontoons, you can offset the costs of purchasing a pontoon by renting it first and meeting with the owner, this way you’re not sinking a chunk of cash into a pontoon that you don’t even know if it will deliver. And that’s what every boat enthusiast should have: a pontoon that delivers the goods, both on the water and off. One that’s long lasting, low maintenance, and loaded with comfort for the whole family.

There’s really no end to what you can do with a pontoon

And above all, it’s just practical. If only everything in life, we could test before we bought it. But when it comes to boats, and especially pontoon, newcomers and boat enthusiasts alike should have the opportunity to step behind the wheel of the pontoon they so desire and cruise the open sea with confidence. So, don’t let the anglers beat you to the perfect boat. Book a pontoon boat with Boatsetter, and see if it’s the perfect pontoon for you.


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