The Perfect Pontoon Boat Rental

Pontoon boat rental: welcome to a completely different style of boating.

If you want to putter around a freshwater lake with family and friends, lazing on comfy seats while you snack and sip your way through the afternoon, your pontoon boat rental will be perfect. Or, maybe you’d like to equip this twin-tube, level-deck watercraft with fishing gear and coolers, and meander your way around the lake’s fishing holes. If these laid-back boating trips sound appealing, jump in and create the perfect pontoon boat rental for yourself and your guests.

Learn About Pontoon Boat Configurations

To get the ball rolling, get acquainted with the different pontoon boat configurations. Measuring from 16 to 27 feet, these outboard-powered vessels feature varied layouts and furnishings. Some boats feature portable toilets and ready-to-assemble “changing rooms” where you can change into your bathing suit (and back again). Pontoons frequently offer sun canopies, and deluxe models might sport a second party deck.

If you plan to sunbathe, a roomy padded sundeck will allow you to stretch out in comfort. For swimming and water sports, look for a vessel with easy-to-use boarding ladders. If you’re addicted to fishing, a pontoon model with a live well and fishing chairs should make your short list.

Gather Your Boating Gear and Refreshments

After you reserve the boat and invite your guests along, it’s time to get the perfect pontoon boat rental going. So, gather everything you’ll need for a day on the water. Most importantly, bring seasonal clothing that will keep you comfortable, along with a jacket and rain gear. If you plan to swim, pack extra clothes so you don’t have to endure the remainder of the trip in cold, wet garments.

Next, throw sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent into your boat bag. Your guests will also appreciate plenty of cold water and other drinks, one or more coolers, an assortment of snacks, and a portable music device. For a well-rounded list of “must have” boat gear, view “Boating Essentials: Top 10 Things to Bring on Your First Boat Rental.” 

Get the Perfect Pontoon Boat Rental Underway

When you arrive at the dock, the perfect pontoon boat rental begins. First, you pile the mountain of clothing, boat gear, and coolers onto the boat’s spacious deck. That’s when you realize that this vessel has considerably more room than a similar-length powerboat or sailboat. Even better, everyone has a comfortable seat, and moving around the stable deck is surprisingly easy.

After casting off, you glide across the water to your lunchtime anchorage and swimming spot. Some guests snooze in the sun while others jump off the pontoon’s deck for a cool dip. Then, you break out the munchies and drinks, and crank up the playlist of summertime tunes.

You spend the rest of the afternoon meandering around the lake, poking into shallow coves and marking potential fishing spots. Finally, in late afternoon, you return to the dock, reluctant to leave the lake but eager to enjoy your next pontoon adventure – this time for an entire weekend.

Rent a Comfortable Pontoon Boat Now  

So, how can you indulge your pontoon boat passion without having your own boat? Just contact Boatsetter,  the leading boat-sharing company that makes it easy for boaters to connect with local boat owners. You can reserve a privately owned powerboat or sailboat (or pontoon boat) near your home port, and licensed Coast Guard captains are available.

So, grab your calendar and contact list, and book the perfect pontoon boat rental right now


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