Learn How to Sail a Boat with Boatsetter

There are few things more exotic and wonderful as sailing along the calm waters in a Boatsetter sailboat. Whether you’re on the islands of Greece or Lake Michigan, we’ve got the sailboats to provide you with the comfort you need while escaping the city. From sailboat rentals that can hold families of more than ten people to ones that are perfect for an overnight romantic getaway, there’s no end to your sailboat journey that awaits you.  While our sailboats can be booked privately for those who already know how to sail, they can also be rented with a captain who can give you sailing lessons and show you the ropes. No matter your need, Boatsetter is here to help you find the perfect sailboat for your journey.

What to bring when hopping aboard a sailboat

Ok, so you’ve booked your sailboat near you and now you’re ready to go! First, let’s get started by making a list of all the things you will want to bring. For starters, you’re going to want to bring closed-toed shoes, sunblock, towels, and swimsuits since you’ll have the opportunity to lay out on the deck and jump into the cool water for a swim. Aside from the obvious, you’ll want to make sure to bring a waterproof windbreaker, a small duffel bag full of warm, dry clothes, and a nice hat to keep out the sun. As a best practice, be sure to bring clothes such as spandex that can get wet and dry quickly. You’ll also want to bring along some Dramamine, or even better, a PSI wristband in case the waves pick up a bi.

What you can expect once you’ve gotten on the sailboat

Alright, so you’ve finally packed your bag and you’re ready to sail! Once you’ve rented the sailboat privately or rented a captain to show you the ropes, it’s time to jump aboard. While many of our sailboat rentals come fitted with a cabin for sleeping, a dock for laying in the sun, and a bar for eating lunch or sipping cold beverages, you can also learn how to sail! With one of our experienced captains, you can expect to learn the ends and outs of sailing such as learning about all the unique parts of the boat like the mast and the jib. Whether you’re sailing on a lake or hitting the high seas, you’ll practice appropriate sailing maneuvers and even how to avoid the boom.

But learning to sail doesn’t stop there

Once you’ve learned the basic safety measures it’s time for the real fun to begin! Let one of our experienced captains show you how to become familiarized with controlling the sails, this way you can help guide the boat in the right direction as it sails from island to island. Since many of our sailboats come fitted with private cabins, you’ll also want to be sure to bring changes of clothes, a few bottles of wine, and a pair of binoculars so you can enjoy the starry night from your sailboat rental as you tread lightly across the water.


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