Everything You Need to Know About Sandbar Parties

Time for a Sandbar party! If you haven’t attended one, you MUST make a point of doing so this year. Hey, what does this weekend look like?

No boat to get over to the sandbar? Check out Miami Boat Rentals!

Don’t worry, Miami has many options when it comes to sandbar boat rentals. There are a wide variety of boats to choose from to fit any budget! There is something truly unique about having a party at the sandbar. Food, drinks, music, fun, what’s there not to love? Boat rental companies offer the ideal boats for the sandbar as they have a selection of small island-hopping style boats to choose from. Beach your boat on the sand or tie up to a fellow boater; the shallow water that sandbars offer you allow you to easily pull up next to other boats and jump off into the water with ease. A party on the water is a fantastic way to meet people, let the kids run around, and enjoy the presence of others who love to do what you love to do. The sandbar draws locals and visitors alike, being a boaters paradise and a true way to escape the grind of everyday life and simply relax. Raft Up In Gorgeous Shallow Waters -  The knee-high water (almost never more than waist deep), is the perfect depth to wade and even set up a folding chair when the tide is low. Sit back and enjoy the people, jet skis going by, kayakers trying to catch a glimpse of some fish, and floating inflatables in all comical shapes and designs. Bring your dog and toss it a frisbee: the entire family, including the dogs, are welcome at Sandbar parties. No sandbar party is complete without grilling out. Bring your portable grill and BBQ up some tasty and easy to eat snacks. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and vegetable skewers are easy and quick to cook, making them the ideal lunch food to bring along. At the sandbar, there is never a shortage of fun, excitement, and people watching. Bring your badminton racquets and a portable volleyball net. Team up with other sandbar goers and enjoy the sun, sand, and socialization that sandbars offer while also staying active. Leave your cell phone ashore, and enjoy your day at the sandbar carefree. Some of the most popular sandbars in Florida that are sure to have a party every weekend are:
  • Wahl Harbor Sand Bar
  • Crab Island
  • Disappearing Island
  • Peanut Island
  • Ski Island
  • Three-Rooker Key
  • Jupiter Island
  • Haulover
If there is one thing that sandbar goers and boaters like to do, it’s roping up to other boats. This promotes a sense of relationship in that it allows you to socialize and build friendships to those who you are tied up to. Hop from boat to boat and let the kids jump off the bow of all the boats for an extra element of fun. Whether you are relaxing, meeting new people, or taking a dip in the water, sandbar parties are fun no matter how you like to enjoy them. Always remember to be safe while on the water and always bring an emergency kit just in case an accident were to happen. If you don't own a boat but are looking to head out to the Sandbar...don't despair, just contact the leading boat sharing company in your area and find the perfect boat rental to get you to this weekend's Sandbar party! Book your fun today.


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