Seattle Boat Rentals: the secret sauce to your best summer everrr!

Maybe you’re ahead of the game and you already know this… but Seattle boat rentals are the secret sauce to creating your BEST Seattle summer or, well really, anywhere in the entire country.

Seattle Boat Rentals – The best way to spend summer!

That’s right, the otherwise infamous rainy mecca of the West Coast transforms between the months of June and September into a glistening, beaming sun soaked paradise. Here are some reasons that Summer in Seattle is epic to start with:

Longest days on earth! The city has longer summer days than anywhere else in the country! The sun sets hours later giving 9-5ers plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors even after a long day at work. Thanks to these Indian summers these long days and warm nights last right through October! What better place on earth to be a boater!? More sun means more boating!

Low Low Low humidity! Many water locked cities offer boaters one sure guarantee… humidity! Not Seattle. With summer temperatures in the mid to upper 70s the humidity remains unnoticeable making for amazing sailing and boat deck tanning conditions.

Water everywhere! Lake Washington, Green Lake, Lake Union, Portage Bay, Elliot Bay, Salmon Bay, Ship Canal, Montlake Cut… the list keeps going. So much water… time for boating! Seattle boat rentals can include a sailboat and or a pontoon boat to scoot along the open Lakes or rent a compact cruiser to zip up the canal. Water, water everywhere… tons of water to share!

Amazing Ice Cream and Craft Beer! What goes better with a boat charter… than a scoop of Molly moon ice cream and Redhook by the bottle. The state of Washington is home to nearly 300 breweries, most of which are situated in Seattle making it a thirsty sailors delight! Grab freshly brewed and bottled brewskies and sail, cruise, or drift down the bay. Want to cool off in the perfect temperatures of Seattle’s July? Get your ice cream cravings crushed at Molly Moon.

Quirky, Fun and Cool! Seattle is a cool city. Enjoy a cruise along the shoreline to see some interesting house boats anchored just off shore. During the summer months local residents truly appreciate the beauty of their summers making for a city full of happy people!

When you get the chance… you really should scoot over to Seattle. The city is surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing Lakes and Bays. Seattle boat rentals in these perfect conditions are a great way to spend the beautiful summer days. Seattle captains will be happy to show you around town – or go ahead and charter a private vessel and do your own explorations.

No matter what your trip looks like, go ahead and start by searching for Seattle boat rentals this summer!


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