5 Easy Ways to Get Your South Beach Soiree Started

Who doesn’t love sinking their toes in the sand and watching the waves crash against the shore while smelling the salty air and sipping a fruity cocktail or ice cold beer? Beach parties are the best, and there is no better place to host your seaside soiree than South Beach. When you are ready to get your very own party started, check out these five tips for the South Beach experience of a lifetime!

Pick a Spot

[caption id="attachment_7745" align="aligncenter" width="501"] South Beach[/caption] It is essential to pick the absolute perfect spot for your soiree and to make sure that you can actually throw a party in the spot you choose! There are so many beaches in Miami that it may be hard to narrow down the options. Some beach spots may require permits, so it is best to plan ahead a little bit, or you can rent a place like the BG Oleta River Outdoor Center. They will even supply a bonfire, tiki torches, and s’mores!

Pick a Theme

[caption id="attachment_7746" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Beach BBQ[/caption] Is your event going to be fruity drinks and catered appetizers or buckets of beer and grilled hot dogs? Deciding on the theme of your event will make it much easier to plan all of the food and drink options. Consider going all out with a full BBQ dinner which is a super easy thing to have catered to the beach. Just be sure to supply the appropriate utensils needed to accompany the food!

Entertain the Guests

[caption id="attachment_7748" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Beach Volleyball[/caption] Think about your entertainment options besides the obvious eating and drinking portion of the soiree. A volleyball net can be a fun way to entertain and work up an appetite if your party is taking place during the daylight hours. Another great option is a little live music, but you may need to check your permit, so you don’t incur any type of noise violations.

Take it Out Onto the Water

[caption id="attachment_7749" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Boatsetter Boat Rental[/caption] Who says a beach party has to take place on the beach? Plan your party out on the water and schedule your soiree on a boat! Your guests will love relaxing on the deck watching the colors of the sunset glisten on the ocean waves while the city lights twinkle in the background. Don’t have a boat of your own? Boatsetter's Miami fleet will jump start your adventure! There are 100's of boats to choose from in Miami, Florida. Don't have boating experience? Boatsetter allows you to select a captain for an easy and enjoyable day out on the water. Rent your private boat with Boatsetter today!

Don’t Forget the After Party

[caption id="attachment_7750" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Miami Nightlife[/caption] There is no rule that says the soiree has to end once all the nibbles have been nibbled and the bubbly has been sipped. Make a plan for a solid after party, and the good times can keep on rolling. Arrange for a  party bus or a limo to pick you and your guests up, so that you can hit some of the many nightlife options available in the South Beach area. Now that you have these handy tips, you will be planning your South Beach soiree and partying the night away in no time. Whether you opt for toes in the sand or sailing on the surf event, you and your guests will be sure to have a good time breathing in the fresh ocean air while imbibing on a fruity sangria.


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