Spend Your New Year’s on a Boat–Our Tips for a Good Time

There is no better time to party than New Year’s. It is when we really let loose and enjoy ourselves. Instead of doing the same old thing like going to bar or some tired office party, why not celebrate in style with a New Year’s boat rental? We are going to give you some top tips for an incredible time!

1) Plan Early

The whole concept of planning sort of goes against the party spirit. But the thing is, New Year’s is on the top of everyone’s party list. So you need to book your New Year’s boat rental early.

You don’t have to do it in mid-summer, but start looking at options and getting a reservation together around the beginning of November. Not only will you be able to secure the boat of your dreams, but it will be much less expensive too.

2) Find the Right Captain

Even if you are an incredible captain, this is likely the last time you are going to want to be behind the wheel. You are going to want to throw a few back and party.This is why you want to start finding the perfect captain for your boat. They can help you figure out the best place to sail your New Year’s boat rental to so you have the best place to countdown to the new year!

3) Share the Costs

MIllennials are usually the people who want to party the hardest on New Year’s and unfortunately, they tend to have the least amount of money. But get a group of friends together and split the costs! Honestly, a New Year’s boat rental won’t cost you anymore than if you just went out, but you will have a truly unique experience instead!

4) Be Prepared

Again, this is where a little planning goes a long way. Just as you should make you boat rental decently far in advance, you should start stocking up on some of the supplies you will need.

Adding a few bottles of champagne, and other essential items to your cart each time you hit the grocery store over the coming months will make it so you barely feel the expense at all.

5) Remember the Weather

The best place to be on a boat is usually on the deck. Late at night, even if you have managed to sail down south, it still may be a bit chilly. So dress accordingly and make sure you have a light jacket and a sweater.

Unless of course, you have made it down to the tropics and in that case, you will definitely need your swimsuit so you can jump in the water to really enjoy your evening!

The Best Way to Celebrate

New Year's Boats

There is no better way for you to enjoy the holiday than with a New Year’s boat rental. It is unique, fun and an unforgettable experience. So book early to make sure you get the perfect vessel for the perfect night!

And if you are looking to up your boat game, then check out these ideas on how to do a wine tasting on a boat to get your New Year’s Party started!


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