Sail Your Way Through These 6 Spooky Boating Destinations

Halloween is almost here – the spookiest time of year, and some would argue, the most enjoyable holiday on the calendar. However, if you’re tired of the standard haunted houses, Halloween costumes and parties, you might want to try something different this year. Rent a private boat with Boatsetter and get ready to sail into these spooky boating destinations that are sure to send a chill down your spine. Where might you want to head? We’ve created a list of some of the most interesting spooky boating destinations.

Salem, Massachusetts

What’s more synonymous with Halloween than witches? And, if you’re in the US, the center of witch activity has always been Salem, Massachusetts. Head into the harbor and you’ll find plenty of historic options you can explore right from the water. Moor your boat for even more fun – a haunted tour or two could be just the thing.  

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, has been one of the busiest ports in America since long before the founding of the nation. That long history has provided rich breeding grounds for hauntings – head into shore and take one of the many haunted city tours to get your chill on.  

Graveyard of the Atlantic

Head north from Savannah and you’ll eventually reach Diamond Shoals, North Carolina. Here, you’ll discover the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Over the centuries, hundreds of ships have foundered and gone down here, sending untold numbers of sailors to a watery grave.  

Porte des Morts

If you’re more in the mood for lake sailing than ocean sailing, head north to Porte des Morts in Door County, Wisconsin. The area’s name translates to Door of the Dead and is a reference to the fact that hundreds of Native American warriors were drowned by a freak squall or smashed to flinders against the cliffs while they battled one another.  

Painted Cave

Turn the prow toward the setting sun, and chart a course for Santa Cruz Island, California. While the island itself might be quite scenic, the Painted Cave underneath the island is fraught with terrors. Dare to take your craft past the watery opening, and you’ll find twisting, turnings passages galore. Try to navigate your way through this maze without losing your bearings – many have failed to return!  

Graveyard of the Pacific

Head north from Santa Cruz Island, and you’ll eventually make your way to the Graveyard of the Pacific, a long stretch of ocean connecting Oregon, Washington, and Canada. The wind and waves here are unpredictable all year long, and it has been the site of thousands of wrecks over the centuries. Do you dare venture into these angry waters, filled with vengeful spirits? There you have them – some of the spookiest places to sail this Halloween. There are plenty of other options to explore, as well. Think of New Orleans, or visit Canada’s Gibraltar Lighthouse. Head to the Treasure Pit in Nova Scotia. If you’re feeling particularly brave, visit Haiti and delve into the world of voodoo and the beginnings of zombie legend.


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