Stay On a Yacht for Your Next BVI Getaway

Because the British Virgin Islands are Just Waiting to Be Explored

With over 50 islands scattered throughout the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands have been a major tourist hotspot for decades, and there’s plenty of reasons for why. With major islands like Tortola and Virgin Gorda, there’s an abundance of marina and opportunities for boat rentals of all types. Whether you’re looking to go fishing for a day or want an all-inclusive term charter for exploring all the islands on your own time, then our BVI boat charters are at your disposal. With major recovery efforts undertaken after Hurricane Irma, the British Virgin Islands are back on the map and picking up in tourism again. Now is your chance to stay on a yacht in the British Virgin Islands with our BVI yacht charters, courtesy of Boatsetter.


A Villa on the Water

private boat rentals

Private boat rentals offer a greater variety of boats and activities to all.

While the British Virgin Islands might be home to some pretty exceptional villas on land, nothing quite beats having your own villa on the water when you stay on a yacht in the British Virgin Islands. When you have your own private long term chartered yacht, the sky is the limit. Since many of our BVI yacht charters come will large bedrooms for relaxing, fully-stocked bars, and a captain on board, you can enjoy everything you would on land but with the possibility of jumping into the crystal clear water at any chance while you sail off to some of the British Virgin Island’s most secluded uninhabited islands.


Sail at Your Own Speed

When you book a BVI term charter with Boatsetter, you get to plan your own itinerary. Want to sail on over to Tortola or Virgin Gorda, no problem! You can head in any direction you choose and drop anchor whenever you see an interesting little island town or pristine beach that you want to explore. There’s something beautiful about being able to do things on your own time and stop when you please without the pressure of needing to be in a certain place at a certain time, and when you stay on a yacht in the British Virgin Islands, you can do just that.


The Finest Local Cuisine 

eating a yacht in the BVI

We all know that one of the best parts of traveling is diving headfirst into each destination’s local cuisine, and the British Virgin Islands are no exception. With the possibility to cook on board, you can dock up at the islands and bring aboard some of the freshest seafood and fruits each island has to offer. Your experienced captain might even help you cook! After all, they get hungry too. With a nice meal being prepared, you can enjoy some of the region’s finest wines and sit back on your BVI yacht charter while the sun sets across the water in the distance. And if you prefer to mix it up and want to try out a waterfront restaurant on one of the islands, you can always anchor up and relish in the locals cooking. Now that’s what we call a vacation.


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